Review: Blitz by Devney Perry (Treasure State Wildcats #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

The second novel in the Treasure State Wildcats series has been on my must-read list ever since I finished reading the series starter, Coach, eleven months ago. I didn't care who it was going to be about; I just wanted to get my greedy hands on it as soon as it was published. That being said, I confess that my eagerness doubled once I learned that Blitz was going to be Toren Greeley's book. He's the thirty-three-year-old defensive coordinator for Treasure State's men's football team, and it's a job that he loves. Being in his home state, in the school he played for and now coaching young men in the sport he's dedicated so much of himself to, alongside being close enough to his aunt and four cousins to drive  over to their farm whenever they needed him left him with very little to complain about. He wants for nothing...but that was before he met the gorgeous girl who attended his Fourth of July backyard gathering. Jennsyn left him wanting more. Then he realizes that she's Jennsyn Bell, a twenty-one-year-old transfer student from California...who is the newest member of Treasure State's women's volleyball team.

Talk about complicated. What do you do when the one person you shared the most intense night with turns out to be someone you should never have gotten involved with, what more being constantly drawn to? Devney Perry delivers on everything this newest Treasure State Wildcats promises--the forbidden, the small-town feels, the sports (yep, plural!), aaaaand the romance (naturally!). There's a healthy dose of angst, but expect moments of levity as well. Toren and Jennsyn headline their story impeccably that even though you know from the onset that a coach and a student athlete becoming involved is a no-no, you can't help but cheer these two on. Theirs was a hard-fought, slow burn happily-ever-after and rightly so.

Aside from the romance, the back stories of both main characters were intriguing and the goings-on of the supporting characters had me curious, too. I loved Toren's relationship with his Aunt Faith and his cousins was endearing, but I could empathize with what they were going through. Then there was Jennsyn's own relationship with her parents, and I swear, the girl seriously needed a hug. She needed reassurance that she was her own person and was going to be loved regardless of the decisions and choices she would make. Toren was that safe harbor for Jennsyn, and she was the caretaker of his heart. I adored every bit of this read, and while the third Treasure State Wildcats book, Rally, which is due out close to the end of the year, is now on my anticipated reads list, I am relishing all things Blitz. Five stars!


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Release Date: 07 March 2024

Date Read: 06 March 2024

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