Review: Harper by Katy Regnery (The Stewarts of Skagway #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Grey's Promotions.

Back to the small Alaskan town of Skagway and even smaller town of Dyea we go with the second novel in Katy Regnery's The Stewarts of Skagway series. Harper is a second-chance romance featuring Harper Stewart, the thirty-year-old titular character and a tour guide for her family's business, and Joseph Raven, also thirty and Skagway's sheriff. These two met as kids, fell in love as teens, and then went their separate ways a decade ago, with Harper refusing to speak to Joe the last five years. The thing is, Harper still loves Joe, and there was never a question of the latter's enduring feelings for the former. But you see, Harper has kept a secret from Joe and her family for years, and she knows that once they find out what it is, her family will be disappointed and Joe...that undying love he has for her will undoubtedly be quashed. Then life hands them a heck of a twist...

I've been really curious about Harper and Joe's history--and whatever awaited them--every single time they happened to be in the same place at the same time in the Stewarts of Skagway series starter, Tanner. As I started reading their book, my suspicions as to what led to Harper basically ending things with Joe were proven right. I admit that I was torn about the whole situation and the aftermath of the secret being out in the open. My heart broke for both of them, and I could empathize with their respective stands. I also wasn't a hundred percent sure if what Harper did was allowed by law in the state of Alaska--my research hinted that it wasn't, but again, I didn't do a deep dive--but I either way, while she had her rights, Joe had his as well. In short, I had thoughts and feelings and all of that stuff, but again, I saw it from both perspectives and I understood. In the end, I love when a story evokes emotions out of me, which is why Harper gets four stars.


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Release Date: 21 March 2024

Date Read: 15 March 2024

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