Review: The Need Series Box Set by K.I. Lynn & N. Isabelle Blanco (Need #1-#3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the authors via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

I originally read the Need series when they were released individually and it was easy to become totally taken in by the story of step-siblings Brayden Hunt and Kira Roth. K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco proved to be a formidable writing duo that gave readers an intensely seductive tale of a love that was both taboo and true, but it also proved to be one that tested Brayden and Kira and their devotion to one another time and again. They became neighbors when he was ten and she was seven and became each other's closest friend and ally through the years. Their feelings for each other grew, but all it took was two betrayals and one announcement that would force them to keep their distance from one another. The heart may want what it wants, but Brayden and Kira are going to have to decide to either stand down and move forward as mere step-siblings or to finally stand up and fight for their love.

Being a part of Brayden and Kira's journey was a test of patience but it's the kind that pays off time and again, with the greatest of rewards at the very end. They're both frustrating and addictive, what with all the taking of a step forward and a leap backward. There's no denying that they know what they want, but there are very real obstacles that lay along their path. It gets to the point that Brayden does become obsessed with his step-sister, knowing full well that he could never love any other girl the way he does Kira but tormented by the knowledge that he may be destined to only love her from afar. The sex is beyond hot, but there's also Brayden-patented romance as well--the kind that's clearly possessive but also quite sweet. I may have read the books before but I still enjoyed this box set. My fingers are still looking forward to stories for Ryan and for Austin. Five-plus stars go to The Need Series Box Set. ♥


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Date Read: 17 May 2017

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