Review: Big by L. Wilder (Satan's Fury MC #6)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

I swear, this series just keeps getting better! A prequel novella and six full-length novels later, Satan's Fury MC has become one of my favorite ongoing MC romance series. There are still current members of the motorcycle club that I hope will get their stories told and I'm hoping new members will be coming along. Heck, after reading Big, the seventh addition to the series, I've got my fingers crossed that L. Wilder has a next-generation spin-off in the offing. Each of the books has given readers a different story line and with the story of Michael Davis, aka Big in the MC, Wilder has pit the Satan's Fury resident computer genius with an equally formidable in computer whiz and college student Josie Carmichael, older sister of Tristen, who was introduced in Stitch and was also part of Smokey.

When a hacker attempts to get through the firewall that Big has set up for the club's computer system, he quickly realized how adept at it the person on the other end is. The hacker's caught soon enough and brought to the clubhouse for questioning. However, the last thing Big expects to find is a young woman tied to a chair. She turns out to be Tristen's sister, and Josie wants answers as to what role the MC played in her sister's disappearance, a turn of events that others in the club were also beginning to notice after Tristen stopped answering calls and text messages. When Big and Josie find out exactly what happened to Tristen, they need to find a way to get her back without dragging the entire club into a war. But the biggest casualties in this mission may be Big and Josie's hearts.

Gah! I loved Big. The man went above and beyond, and not just because of his developing feelings or Josie. He truly cared about Tristen, as did the other Satan's Fury MC brothers. See, that's what I adore about this club. Yes, they're one-percenters, and yes, they've done some not-so-good stuff, but they're genuinely good people who would do anything for one another and those that become part of the family that they've created. Aside from Big and Josie's love story, I was intrigued by what was happening between Nitro and Tristen and I've got my fingers crossed that they're either up next or that we'll get their story somewhere down the line. Big more than satisfied me, and it continues to prove that the men and women of Satan's Fury are a force to be reckoned with. Five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 11 March 2017

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