Review: Sparking the Fire by Kate Meader (Hot in Chicago #3)

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Kate Meader concludes her firefighter romance series with a scorcher of a read in Sparking the Fire. The fifth and final story in the Hot in Chicago series finally gives the eldest--and the one I consider the most enigmatic--Dempsey his time in the limelight. Lieutenant Wyatt Fox has always put his family first, with firefighting a very close second, but there was a time in his life when one woman had all his attention. He was a Marine when he met Molly Cade and a hot and fiery affair followed, their times together spent in a hotel, exchanging as little personal information about each other, focused solely on giving--and receiving--as much pleasure as possible in their limited time. When their affair ended, they went their separate ways. He went on to become a firefighter, just like his foster father and his brothers and sister, and she went on to become an actress. Their paths were never supposed to cross again...that is, until Molly wanted to make a film inspired by the story about Alexandra Dempsey, and the Chicago Fire Department consultant turns out to be none other than Alex's brother--and Molly's ex--Wyatt. The action they have planned on-screen may be exciting, but that could turn out to be nothing compared to the action these exes create off-screen.

I love this series as a whole, but I admit that I had my favorite story, which was Melting Point. Now, though, that top spot is shared with Sparking the Fire. The second chance love story between Wyatt and Molly was both sexy and sweet, with a lot of sass courtesy of Molly and quiet intensity brought to the table by Wyatt. These two were such a curious mix, mainly because they were so different in terms of personality, but there was no denying how passionate they were together, once they were able to simply let go and let their emotions take control. Aside from these two main characters, the rest of the Dempsey clan--the siblings and their partners--played important roles in the story, but then that's always been the case with this series, because, after all, it's always been about love for family. Without giving too much of the story away, one of my favorite things about this last book was how even Logan, the one Dempsey sibling that they lost, is represented in a way that was different but I felt was poignant and fitting. I'm sad to say goodbye to the Firefighting Dempseys and the Hot in Chicago series, but I'm glad that I was able to read all of their stories and fall in love with each of them. I'm giving Sparking the Fire five out of five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 07 October 2016

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