Review: Rekindle the Flame by Kate Meader (Hot in Chicago #0.5)

Rekindle the Flame is the prequel novella in the Hot in Chicago series and was originally part of the multi-authored Baby, It's Cold Outside series, which was published more than a year before it was released as a separate ebook. I actually read this along with the other stories in the anthology and when I was ready to put together the review for the final book in the series, I realized I never wrote a review for the prequel. So, here I am, better late than never, because it wouldn't be right to not add a review for the story that introduces readers to the Dempseys, the unforgettable firefighting family at the heart of the Kate Meader-penned series. This is the second chance romance between Dempsey sibling, firefighter Beck Rivera, and heiress turned tattooist Darcy Cochrane, daughter to Sam Cochrane, who should be familiar to series fans.

As a teenager, Beck Rivera gave his heart to Darcy Cochrane. He made the painful decision to let her go, but his heart has always belong to her and her alone. He's gone on to continue to the legacy his late and beloved foster father Sean Dempsey started, hoping that he and his siblings live up to their proud family name. Firefighting is a calling he could never have said "no" to. And then he crosses paths once again with the one woman he let go of once. The second chance encounter is his opportunity to show Darcy that she's was and always will be "the one". Unfortunately, Darcy's heart never fully recovered from the time Beck broke it, and even thinking of being around him again would mean putting her heart at risk yet again. But Beck was her first love, and if she isn't careful, he could very well prove to be the last true love of her life...

This was a cute story, one that was sweet and just a bit angsty, but that's what happens when young love is rekindled only now, the people involved are older and wiser and far more equipped to deal with love and all its ups and downs. I totally understood why Darcy was wary of Beck. Coming back from a broken heart isn't easy, and even when you move forward with your life, the hurt remains because it was caused by someone you loved and trusted. Beck was a good guy, having come so far from how he was before he became part of the motley Dempsey clan to the man he is now. They were apart for eight years, but they had made something of themselves and I think theirs was a case of being together again at the right time. Rekindle the Flame is a four-starred novella to cozy up with and a good intro to the Hot in Chicago series. ♥

Date Re-read: 06 November 2016

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