Review: Sweet Surrender by Nina Lane (Sugar Rush #3)

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"I get that your brothers are all mature and accomplished, but that doesn't mean they're better than you. And it doesn't mean you don't have something to offer. You've hidden behind this party-boy image for all these years because you've thought you'll never be like your brothers. But you've never realized that you don't have to be. Yeah, you've acted like a total ass...a speedboat, for God's sake...but you don't have to do stupid things like that for attention. All you have to do is be you, Tyler. That's more than enough."

The third time continues to bring on the charm (yeah, total play on two different sayings there) with Sweet Surrender, book number three in bestselling author Nina Lane's Sugar Rush series, which has quickly become a favorite of mine. This full-length novel can be read without you having perused either of the first two stories, but I do recommend that you check those out as well because they do feature two of the older brothers of the male main character here and there are minor spoilers with regards to how their stories turn out. Add in the fact that those books are fantastic reads and you don't have anything to lose by reading either one of them. So, chop, chop!

Tyler Stone is the youngest among the famous Stone brothers, but he's made himself rather infamous with his latest antic. One crashed speedboat--which belonged to the father of the girl he was, umm, spending time with--later and the twenty-six-year-old finds himself in the library of Sugar Rush Candy Company, the family-owned corporation known for their sweet confections. He's been cut off from his trust and must earn the money to pay for the damages to the boat. Tyler knows nothing about being a librarian, but maybe he can rescued from his current dilemma by the woman with the schoolmarmish appearance that has him tempted to peel every layer off.

Twenty-five-year-old Kate Darling is more than efficient at her job as the eldest Stone brother's personal assistant, leaving very little time for her to indulge in any sort of personal life. She does, however, have her sights set on one co-worker--a co-worker whose attention she's hoping to get. Maybe helping Tyler Stone out with his job in the company library in exchange for him teaching her a thing or two on how to get--and keep--a guy's attention will be worth it. But when they go from that arrangement to that with a friends-with-benefits feel, things shift. Kate has plans for her life, and the youngest Stone brother--the one with the less than stellar reputation--plays no part in it.

Gah! These Stone brothers are killing me, one book at a time, with their unique personalities and irresistible charm. Tyler may have seemed like the quintessential twenty-something playboy who thought the world was his oyster, but there was so much more to him than his partying ways. He felt out of place within his own family, but it wasn't in a way that was purposeful on either end. He was pretty much aimless, floundering in a world that was all about Sugar Rush Candy Company, but then candy wasn't his thing--cars were. I loved how he found a sounding board in the form Kate, that someone who was willing to listen to him--to see him as someone more than his rep.

Kate was the kind of female main character whose prim and proper persona was simply waiting to be mussed up a bit, and all for the better. I liked her go-getter personality and that she worked hard to get to where she's at, but refusing to stop there. She had plans, but you know what they say about well-laid plans. I confess that there was one moment that I so wanted to smack her upside the head, because hello, poor Tyler! But all's well that ends well, as has been par for the course for this wonderful Sugar Rush series of Nina Lane's. I'm excited to see which Stone will get their story told next (and I wouldn't say no to one with Warren!). Five-plus stars for Sweet Surrender. ♥


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Release Date: 16 May 2017

Date Read: 16 May 2017

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