Review: Swear by Adriana Locke (Landry Family #4)

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Maybe having him walk away was more hurtful because I was young and didn’t understand life. Or, maybe it was just due to him being my first love. Either way, it goes to show that there will always be something special about Ford that complicates things to a degree that’s almost lethal.
That’s why I can’t do it again.

What is it with these Landry men?! There's not denying every single one of them is an alpha male, but there's also a innate part of them that's all romantic and has them going all out to give the woman they've realized is "the one" the swooning to get them to say "yes" to a very Landry-like happily-ever-after. Twenty-eight-year-old Army veteran Ford Landry has been a favorite of mine since the beginning, though I do confess that I didn't like him too much during the first few chapters of this fourth book that tells his second chance love story with his first--and only--love, twenty-seven-year-old Ellie Pagan. But as he strove to win back Ellie's trust--because it was getting increasingly pretty clear that he still had her love--he won me over as well, helping to make Swear just as good as the first three novels in the Landry Family series. Ford and Ellie didn't merely take their second chance at love; they ran with it.

Ford Landry and Ellie Pagan were young and in love, but all it took was one pregnancy scare for Ford to leave her and everything and everyone else behind. Now discharged from the Army, Ford is back and is taking the helm of a security firm under the Landry Industries portfolio. His brother calls in a favor and asks Ford to personally take charge of a new client--a client who turns out to be Ford's ex, Ellie. Nearly a decade after they went their separate ways--or more of Ford going one way, and Ellie staying where she was at--Ford and Ellie are thrown together, through both circumstance and the machinations of well-meaning family matchmakers. Ellie refuses to simply hand over her heart to the very man who shattered it to pieces and would prefer to focus on her growing business and her ailing father. To win Ellie back, Ford knows he'll have to go above and beyond for the girl he's always loved.

What I love most about this series so far is how the stories are never overly complicated, as proven once again by this fourth and latest one. Are there complications to Ford and Ellie's love story? Yes, but they're never more than any normal person can handle, which makes it easier for me to relate to the main characters. There's one particular point in the book that had my heart clenching for Ellie, and while it was a painful part of her personal story, I think it proved to be a turning point as well, knowing all too well that it was time for her life to go in a new direction. The rest of the Landry clan is present and accounted for, and with the four brothers having gotten their stories told, the focus is now on the twins, Camilla and Sienna, with the former getting her happily-ever-after first in a couple of months. When it comes to a family-centered series, nothing beats this one. Five-plus stars for Swear. ♥


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Release Date: 15 May 2017

Date Read: 15 May 2017

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