Review: Ripple Effect: Episode 2 by Keri Lane (Ripple Effect #2)

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And things have gotten VEEERRRYYY interesting in the second episode of author Keri Lake's Ripple Effect serial. Both the suspense and the sex are up a few notches in this latest installment and we learn even more about Ripley and Dylan. This takes place soon after the events in the first installment, and Rip's fascination with the feisty eighteen-year-old girl who dared to steal from him continues to fester. If he were a better person, he'd feel sympathy for Dylan, but he's never claimed to be one. Rip is a killer and whatever emotions he may still have within him are on lockdown. But with the agreement he and Dylan come to, for how much longer can he keep himself in check, especially with a girl who makes him crave her and what she offers unlike anyone else before her?

Two things: You need to read the episodes in order AND they end in cliffhangers. Don't worry about the first one because they're fairly short reads so it's not as if you're going to have to invest a couple of hours reading them. Then there's the second one, and if you know me, you know I think cliffhangers are evil. However, the wait between episodes isn't all that long. Think two weeks. Of course, you can always choose to wait to read all episodes once they're all available, but take it from someone who doesn't have a great deal of patience: these are worth that antsy feeling you get because you NEED to know what happens next. Keri Lake does eroticism and tension with its dark hues unlike anyone else. I can't wait for episode three (but I will)! Five stars for episode two. ♥


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Date Read: 16 March 2017

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