Review: Reunited by Felice Stevens (Rescued Hearts #2)

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I really liked Rescued, but I loved Reunited, both of which are part of the Rescued Hearts series penned by Felice Stevens. Taking place about four years after the events in Rescued, we find Jason Mallory and Ryder Daniels trying to balance being husbands, fathers, and working professionals. It's a precarious balance at best, with Jason constantly buried in work, wanting to make sure that they have more than enough money to give their four-year-old daughter Gemma the best possible life. He certainly doesn't want Ryder dipping into the trust fund his grandmother set up for him prior to her passing, not with Ryder's mother cutting ties with him after refusing to accept her son's sexuality, and in turn, not acknowledging his marriage to Jason nor little Gemma. Working too much may cut into their family time, but Jason knows he'll be able to make up for it and Ryder doesn't want to get into a quarrel with his husband. But time suddenly becomes a precious commodity for them when their family is confronted with a life-altering discovery. However, that isn't the only discovery that Jason and Ryder will be in for.

I'm going to highly recommend that you read the books in order because Rescued lays the foundation for the relationship that Ryder and Jason have as well as the ones they share with those closest to them and why Ryder doesn't have one with his mother. My heart broke for both Ryder and Jason as they had to face the greatest challenge to be set before them so far as a family, but that very same heart warmed when it was more than clear that they weren't alone, not with Jason's family, Ryder's father, stepmother, and younger brother, and their dearest friends--plus their adorable dogs, Trouper and Pearl--by their sides. With as far as Ryder's estranged mother is concerned, suffice it to say that there were enough clues to figure out what it was she was keeping hidden, but I still disliked her immensely simply because she was downright selfish. Of course, Jason had his own selfish moments, but his were more forgivable than Ryder's mother's because he recognized what he was doing wrong. Reunited was a beautifully written conclusion to Jason and Ryder's story and I can't wait to read John Drummer's story--which I'm guessing he's going to be sharing with Craig Whitmore--next. I'm giving this five out of five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 31 January 2017

Date Read: 31 January 2017

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