Review: Nova by Rebecca Yarros (Renegades #2)

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“I’m not going anywhere. If I have to tell you that a million times before you’ll believe me, then I’ll do just that. You and me—we’re our own little infinity. Our forever is wrapped up in everything that’s between us.”

Angst, thy name is Nova. Rebecca Yarros is no stranger to angst-driven novels, but the second novel in her adventure romance series, The Renegades, and she's given readers a second chance love story that breaks your heart time and again as the main characters struggle between their feelings of love and hate. But how do you handle not just seeing the only person who's ever owned your heart after two years and a half years but actually being stuck with them on a cruise ship and hanging out with them because your best friend is in love with their best friend? That's the conundrum that twenty-one-year-old Rachel Dawson is faced with as she deals with being part of the Study at Sea program she and her best friend are part of while trying to actively avoid twenty-two-year-old Landon Rhodes. Bits and pieces of information regarding their ill-fated love affair were strewn about in Wilder, the Renegades series starter, but here, we learn everything that went on and how they've tried to move on with their lives. Rachel and Landon aren't the people they were two and a half years ago. But their love? It's still there.

When they were together, Landon Rhodes was Rachel Dawson's supernova. Now? He more than lives up to his reputation as a Casanova. He didn't just break her heart; he broke her spirit, leaving her to try and to put together the shattered parts of their love and life as a couple only to be left with unanswered questions and not hearing from Landon for two and a half years. She's hardened her heart, refusing to break down and give in once again to Landon. Instead of reminiscing with the happy memories they shared, Rachel chooses to recall the pain and hurt he caused her. But seeing Landon in the flesh and having to be around him on a regular basis is proving to be a far more difficult challenge than she expected. He wants to apologize, to explain why he did what he did, to let her know that he still loves her. Will giving Landon the opportunity to do so open Rachel to yet another barrage of anger and heartache or could this be the chance for her to finally have closure and deal with what happened to them? She's tempted to continue keeping her distance, but once again, she's drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

Make no mistake, what Landon did to Rachel was wrong. Instead of discussing the situation with all concerned parties, he chose the Renegades over here. However, I get why he felt like he had no choice. Rachel was the girl he loved, but he was one of the Originals and it wasn't just his career that was on the line but those of Wilder, Rebel, and Nitro--Pax, Penna, and Nick--as well. It was as if he was thinking that Rachel would be able to find her way again--go to Dartmouth, return to her parents, and so on. So, the one he punished was himself. I'm also not solely laying blame at Landon's feet. Rachel mishandled what was happening between her and Landon while juggling her relationship with Pax, and that was where the whole issue among the three of them started. But yes, these two both suffered after their relationship ended, dealing with what happened in very different ways in order to survive the heartbreak. She went with avoidance and he went with sleeping around. But goodness, when these two were in each other's orbit, the tension between them--sexual and otherwise--was so deliciously and deliriously palpable.

Rebecca Yarros created this heartrending love story and her use of imagery was vivid enough for me to be able to picture where they were and what was happening around them. She also never fails to make sure that her entire cast of characters in the series are around, not just making their presence felt but making sure they start planting those seeds from the beginning, seeds that grow as the series progresses and leave you wanting to see what blossoms from them when it's their turn to get their story told. I loved Paxton and Leah's story and if I haven't made it clear enough, I loved Landon and Rachel's story just as much. Up next is Penna's and with the swirling emotions around her, what with her injury and what her sister did, seeing her bounce back and find love and happiness for herself is something I'm more than looking forward to. I asked the author about a novella for Nick, aka Nitro, and while it isn't part of her current plans, a fangirling Flygirl can hope, right? While these books can be read as standalones, I'm highly recommending you read Wilder and Nova in order. They're worth it. Five-plus stars. ♥


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Release Date: 20 February 2017

Date Read: 19 February 2017

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