Review: Ravage Me by Ryan Michele (Ravage MC #1)

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Ravage Me is the first book in author Ryan Michele's MC romance series, Ravage MC, which centers around a fictional motorcycle club by the same name in Sumner, Georgia. The series opens with twenty-five-year-old Harlow Gavelson, known as Princess and only daughter of the vice president of the Ravage MC, about to be released after two years of incarceration. The club was her family, but she knows she must have missed a lot when part of her welcome is a gun to her head courtesy of Donovan Cruz, or simply known as Cruz by his brothers. That memorable introduction was more than enough to cement each in the other's psyche. Harlow has a rule about sleeping with a brother--she simply doesn't do it--but Cruz is proving to be difficult to get away from and it's not as if she's trying all that hard to keep her distance. But even as Cruz stakes his claim on Harlow, there are those who want to bring harm her way. Whether it be the mother of his young son Cooper or an enemy from Harlow's past that simply refuses to go away, Cruz, Harlow, and the rest of the Ravage MC will have to be prepared to protect their very own.

Well now. That was certainly one hell of a beginning to a series! Talk about getting me to sit up and pay attention. Cruz and Harlow had it from the get-go and I was certainly more than curious about G.T. Gavelson and Casey Alexander, Harlow's brother and her best friend, respectively, especially with the way whatever was going on between them seemed to implode. I loved how Harlow was sassy and self-assured while also knowing how to stay within the bounds of the club the men she loved most belonged to. Then there's Cruz, who may have been very protective and wanted nothing more than to always be there to take on whatever pain Harlow was experiencing, yet he chose to support her when necessary, letting her get whatever was happening with her out of her system. Of course, I would be remiss not to mention little Cooper, Cruz's son from a previous non-relationship. Goodness, this child was adorable, and how he took to Harlow had me sighing happily. That ending though? Gah! Super frustrating. Evil cliffhanger. Obviously, I'm going to need book two ASAP! Ravage Me receives four out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 October 2016

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