Review: Love Me Crazy by Camden Leigh

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Love Me Crazy is a romance novel penned by first-time author Camden Leigh set in Charleston, South Carolina. It's a coming-of-age type of story because that I refuse to believe that sort of thing is limited to young adult (YA) novels only. The main characters--Cassidy Beck and Quincy Covington--are both in their early twenties and have major issues when it comes to their parents. Cass refuses to be under her parents' collective thumb, needing to prove to herself that she can control her own destiny and that she can be perfect without having to be told to be so. Quinn has stayed away from his mother and sisters--though his sisters were mere casualties--for five years, having left home after the death of his father. Their paths cross when Cassidy is tasked to be Quinn's mother's slave, erm, all-around assistant for Quinn's sister's wedding, and Quinn unexpectedly returns home to take possession of his late father's beloved truck. They're drawn to one another but with their respective complications and Cassidy having already experienced heartbreak. Can Quinn convince her there's nothing crazy about them falling for each other?

This standalone was sweet, with the kind of Southern charm you expect from it. I liked Cassidy and appreciated her standing up for herself, not just when it came to her parents but from the bullying Quinn's mother seemed insistent on putting her through on a regular basis. Quinn is book boyfriend material, the quintessential bad boy with a good heart. Even when he acknowledged how much hurt and anger he had to face from his sisters, he didn't falter in showing them how much he missed them and how sorry he was that they had to suffer because of his problems with their mother. Cassidy and Quinn made for a cute couple as well, but I felt like I didn't get to know the very heart of them. I wanted to delve deeper into who they really were and it seemed we were only getting a few bits and pieces instead of each of them as a whole. There were also hurdles that weren't resolved as thoroughly as I would have expected, some of them left hanging, and then suddenly we're at the end of the story. While this did have its share of faults, Love Me Crazy was a commendable debut release and may appeal to lovers of romances set in the South. 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 October 2016

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