Review: High-Sided by L.P. Dover (Armed & Dangerous #3)

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High-Sided is the third novel in the Armed & Dangerous romantic suspense series from bestselling author L.P. Dover and it's set in the world of motorcycle racing with a second chance love story between the main characters, former racer turned FBI agent Logan Chandler and his ex-girlfriend Kassidy Bennett. When Logan receives calls from one of his oldest and closest friends, he isn't able to return the calls until it's too late. Returning to the place that was once home to say goodbye to a friend pains Logan, filling him with guilt when it becomes clear that there was nothing accidental about what happened. Being back also means seeing Kassidy again, the only girl that Logan has ever loved. After the accident that left him badly injured and ended his racing career with Bennett Racing, Logan did what he thought was best, even if it meant breaking both his and Kassidy's hearts. Now, Logan wants answers as to what happened to his best friend and how it's connected to the accident from eight years ago. But Kassidy has questions of her own and after eight years of nursing a lot of hurt and anger, she demands Logan clear things up. Can Logan make Kassidy believe in him and their love again, and can he protect her from the forces looking to hurt them?

I love the Armed & Dangerous series. Each of the three currently available books have shared elements--the romance, suspense, and mystery--but they're all distinctly different from one another, loosely tied by some of the main characters being federal agents or in law enforcement. In this third installment, Logan and Kassidy have history together. They were once very much in love until it all abruptly came to an end when Logan left after suffering career-ending injuries at the racetrack. When they see each other again eight years later, it doesn't really take too long for it to be obvious that the spark remains and that the love they felt then contains to burn bright. Maybe I would have preferred if Kassidy made Logan work a little harder to regain her trust, but there's no denying that the guy has never stopped loving her once the truth comes out. The mystery part of the story threw me for a loop! I had all these scenarios and suspects running around in my head and when the antagonists were revealed, I was shocked. I do love it when an author is able to surprise me, so definite plus points to L.P. Dover for that. I enjoyed No Limit and Roped In and am glad High-Sided lived up to expectations. It gets 4.5 stars and I can't wait to read the fourth one! ♥


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Date Read: 12 October 2016

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