Review: The Hard Sell by Lulu Wright

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The Hard Sell is romantic comedy fare with an enemies-to-lovers feel to it with two hilariously strong-willed main characters in the person of Hamilton's store manager Jack Stewart and Flash Fit merchandiser Lily Brook. This is penned by Lulu Wright and just happens to be her debut novel. When it comes to rom-coms, it tends to be different strokes for different folks. What makes you laugh may not make me laugh and vice-versa. My reaction to it also depends on my mood. Sometimes, I'm looking for slapstick, other times I want wittier stuff. In the case of this standalone, it was all about the tension between Jack and Lily and how they were at constant odds with each other, taking one-upmanship to both sardonic and silly levels. Of course there's the sex and romance, and oh, there's a secret or two thrown in for oohs and aahs.

It's all about getting the job done right for both Lily Brook and Jack Winter, but when the woman known as the Queen of Men's Underwear and the man nicknamed Jack Hammer are forced to work in Hamilton's Center City flagship store, Jack wants Lily to know her place while Lily wants Jack to get out of her way. These two have something to prove to their bosses, so the last thing they need is to be distracted by the lustful feelings they have for each other. Lily would love nothing more than to see Jack in a pair of Flash Fit manties and then promptly strip them off him, and Jack would love to discipline the naughty merchandiser. Will she ever get the promotion she wants and will finally prove himself worthy to his boss if they do cross the line? Can Jack and Lily have the total package or is that nothing more than a hard sell?

Jack and Lily were a joy to get to know in this humor-filled story. They're both equally driven, with things that they believe they need to prove to the higher-ups. Jack may come off a being somewhat of a jerk, but those smiles he tries to control speak of a different side, one that he's hesitant to share with anyone he works with. The guy's got a secret and it was a doozy of sorts, although it's hinted at once or twice before it's revelation. I liked the build-up between Jack and Lily, coming off as more of a taunting, teasing kind of thing than outright flirtatious or overly suggestive. The banter is always on-point and there were points in the story that I found myself either snickering or smiling. With The Hard Sell being Lulu Wright's first book, I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for her readers in the future. This debut gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 October 2016

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