Review: The Fix Up by Kendall Ryan (Imperfect Love #4)

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Fuck. That’s when I know for certain I’m falling in love with Camryn. She isn’t like other women. She’s driven; she has substance. She makes me want to settle down . . . or maybe I’ve always wanted that but never found the right fit that would satisfy me mind, body, and soul. 
Until her.

A one-man British invasion has left me with a silly grin on my face. Yep, Sterling Quinn, twenty-eight, divorce lawyer, and panty-melter extraordinaire who doesn't believe in true and everlasting love, has officially become my newest book boyfriend. The love story he shares with Camryn Palmer--twenty-six, a public relations specialist, and believer in all things happily-ever-after--was sweet, sappy, and scintillating, and I adored every damn minute of it. For those who read bestselling author Kendall Ryan's three-part Hitched books will be more than familiar with Sterling and Camryn, who were Noah Tate and Olivia Cane's best friends, respectively. Now, they've got themselves a spin-off that, I dare say, is actually better than its predecessor, and I quite liked Hitched to begin with! But tthis Brit and his beauty so won me over.

The Fix Up is about Sterling Quinn's forced upon quest to find a wife and the woman who's tasked to be at the helm of it all is the one woman he can't have, Camryn Palmer. All it takes is one phone call to knock Sterling's world of its axis. In order to be given an inheritance that would make him a multimillionaire, he has to be married in six months' time. Marriage is the one thing he was convinced he would never consider, but if he wants to be able to provide his beloved mother with the care she needs, he's willing to find a wife and get his inheritance. With Camryn needing the bonus to settle debts left behind by her jerk of an ex, she vows to find Sterling the best wife she can. She simply needs to set aside whatever feelings she has for the British hottie. However, being around Camryn makes Sterling realize that she's everything he could ever want in a woman. Can Sterling convince his Cami to date and marry him within six months?

With the attraction between Sterling and Camryn, you would think that the answer to their troubles is staring them in the face. Why not date, get hitched, gain the inheritance, and receive the bonus to pay the debts? While Sterling is convinced that Camryn is as drawn to him as he is to her, he isn't sure that she'd be willing to actually become Mrs. Quinn in such a short amount of time. In Camryn's case, she's riddled with insecurities and doubts, not quite sure why someone like Sterling would want to be with someone like her. These two have their issues but they're not overly angsty or too complicated, so there's still this light feeling that the story brings with it. I enjoyed how their being acquaintances grew into a real friendship and then evolved into much more, so there wasn't this insta-whatever going on. Both Noah and Olivia were there but their appearances were never obtrusive, keeping the focus solely on Sterling and Camryn. The Fix Up is one of my favorite reads this year and I happily recommend you check it out. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 11 October 2016

Date Read: 11 October 2016

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