Review: The Complete Explosive Series by Tessa Teevan (Explosive #1-#5)

The Complete Explosive Series is a box set which includes all five full-length novels in author Tessa Teevan's Explosive series--Ignite, Incinerate, Inflame, Intoxicate, and Fusion. These are military romances, with each of the books able to be read as a standalone, but being the kind of reader that I am, I recommend that you go into the series reading the books in order. The series itself was originally recommended to me by one of my fellow book fiends, erm, friends, Mara, and while it took me longer than it should have--hey, time is a premium for book whores slash pimps like me!--I'm glad that I finally took time out to read these books. They're fairly longer than the usual 200-plus pages and multiply that by five and whoa! I suggest that you spend a week (or two, depending on how quickly--or slowly--you read) with Jace and Alexa, Knox and Charlie, Kale and Lucy, Xavier and Kalli, and Jeremy and Sierra, because while the box set as a whole really is a kilometric read, it will be time well spent with this five-starred collection. ♥

Ignite is a second-chance romance between Jace McAllister and Alexa Sullivan-Tate, who were each other's first loves until Jace chose the Army over Alexa. She went on to fall in love and marry a good one, only to lose him in an accident. A couple of years after, Alexa's and Jace's paths cross again, but while Jace recognizes this as the second opportunity to make up for what happened a decade ago, Alexa is wary. She's already loved and lost twice and she isn't even thirty yet. But her heart recognizes Jace and the love they once shared, so it becomes the oft-experienced issue of listening to your head or your heart. This was the author's debut release, and she gave readers a great story about overcoming your fears to find love again.

Incinerate is all about Knox Wellington and Charlotte Davenport, who have both been burned when it comes to love, but from the moment these two meet, there's a palpable, heated connection that exists, one that could either burn them alive, leaving nothing but ash behind, or one that could spark, smolder, and sear but could never die out, going on for the rest of their lives. I really liked Charlie, who was brassy and could give as good as she got, and she was exactly what the injured war vet that Knox needed even though he didn't know he did. These two were easy to fall in love with, and there was an equal amount of sweet and steamy and a whole lot of sassy. It felt as if you were truly on the same journey as the main characters.

Inflame is story of casual hooking up to much more and it has Kale Montgomery and Lucy Dawson as its lead characters. The hot soldier and the equally hot schoolteacher aren't looking for anything serious, preferring to keep their friends-with-bennies situation than all the lovey dovey stuff going on around them. But having feelings that go beyond the physical are inevitable with these two, especially since they seem to be the right fit for each other. Theirs is not a snag-free love affair, but they learn to face the challenges together, and this only cements how meant to be they really were and continue to be. This is my favorite book in the series, and the one that I swooned and squeeed over far longer than any of the others.

Intoxicate is all about fake becoming real, where a marriage of convenience transitions into something that feels like it's destined to last for Xavier Cruz and Kalli Montgomery. Kalli's had a thing for her brother's best friend for years, but he's kept her firmly in the love-you-like-my-little-sister box and there doesn't like like any hope for it to be more. But fate intervenes when Xavier needs a way to keep his daughter with him and Kalli offers up a fake marriage. Now, I've read many a book that had the whole let's-get-married-but-not-fall-in-love thing as its story line, but the author gave this her own brand of literary magic and just like Xavier and Kalli, it was difficult to not fall in love with this touching love story.

Fusion--yes, it's the only title that doesn't start with an "i"--is the fifth and final book in this box set and it features a couple that's been a part of the series from the beginning, Jeremy and Sierra Banks. They share their story of how they fell in love, encouraged by the curiosity of their daughter Ava, and it was a story of friends who realize they feel more. I adore tales about first love because it often has an air of innocence to it. I already know that Jeremy Banks and Sierra Sullivan get their happily-ever-after, and yet you can't help but become fully immersed in what happens to them in the past, still totally invested in how they're going to get to that already guaranteed happy ending. This was the perfect end to this collection of novels.

Release Date: 18 October 2016

Date Read: 18 October 2016

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