Review: The Code by RJ Scott writing as Rozenn Scott (Ice Dragons #1)

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In the months since I read my first RJ Scott book back in early March of this year, she's easily become one of my favorite go-to authors, and that includes books she's written under her pseudonym Rozenn Scott. Yes, I love her M/M romances, but she's proven to be as great an author when it comes to M/F romances as well, and her new hockey romance series, Ice Dragons, gets off to a fantastic start with The Code. This had a falling-for-your-best-friend's-sibling trope, a favorite of mine, and with this just enough of the sport in it to qualify as a sports romance. 

Ryan Flynn has loved his best friend's younger sister for years, but he made a promise to Kathryn Lecour's brother and that was to protect Kat from jocks--especially hockey players--just like them because she deserved better. All Ryan carries with him is the memory of the kiss they shared after her prom. Years later, Ryan receives a call from Kat after she's been assaulted by a robber. To erase that nightmare of an event, she asks him for a kiss, and all of Ryan's feelings rise back up to the surface. He loves Kat, but can he risk his friendships with her and with Nicolas?

Kat Lecour appreciates Ryan Flynn's protectiveness, but what he doesn't want is for him to treat her like his little sister. That one kiss after prom sparked feelings for him, but while they may be good friends, Kat has always wanted more. Unfortunately, she doesn't think Ryan sees her in a romantic way. And then they share their second ever kiss. Ryan finally seems ready to take their friendship into not-so-platonic territory, but they know her brother Nicky won't be thrilled by their relationship. Can she ensure all will be well between the two men she loves most?

The Code was a good series starter, introducing readers to other members of the Ice Dragons hockey team as well as several marked members of Kat's team at her fire station plus giving an interesting story that was about finally being honest about one's feelings and going after that happily-ever-after. The book was also about family and about being part of a team. I enjoyed Kat and Ryan's story and found both them and their love story easy to get into. This was a promising beginning to Ice Dragons, and I look forward to more! The Code gets 4.5 out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 31 October 2016

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