Book Spotlight: A Kind of Honesty by Lane Hayes

A Kind of Honesty
(A Kind of... #3)
by Lane Hayes
Date Released: October 7, 2016

About A Kind of Honesty
Music is Tim Chalmers’s great escape and the one thing that’s never let him down. But his band Spiral’s meteoric rise to fame has made it difficult for the drummer to maintain a low profile. Unwanted press pesters him after a public breakup with a volatile ex-girlfriend who loves the limelight as much as he loathes it. Tim’s main goal is to avoid confrontation. However, when he meets a handsome stranger in a dive bar who turns out to be someone he may know, everything changes.

Carter Hamilton-Temple might be a successful financial consultant with more brains, sophistication, and charm than most, but he always falls for the wrong guys: closet cases or men with issues. He can’t fight his attraction to the tattooed rock star, but can he trust his own judgment? When the thrill of danger combined with a fierce physical connection proves too strong for either man to resist, a quiet liaison away from the public eye and curious friends seems like a safe bet. But some secrets are hard to keep. When rumors threaten to rock his world, Tim realizes it’s time to confront his fear with his own kind of honesty.

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An Excerpt from A Kind of Honesty
“What kind of a rock star are you? You’re supposed to love sex, drugs, and alcohol. I haven’t known you long, but you seem to only really like one out of three,” Carter commented idly as he shuffled the cards.

“You’re right. I’m a sucky rock star. I rarely have more than one drink when I go out for dinner or even at a bar. Two at a party. Anything more usually leads to trouble. And I never take drugs. Even cold medicine makes me nervous.” I winked and gave him a lecherous grin that no doubt looked far from provocative in my current condition. “But I love sex.”

About Lane Hayes
Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions in the 2014 and 2015 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in an almost empty nest.

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A Q&A with Lane Hayes
Have you read anything that made you think differently about fiction?

One of the first books I read that truly made me think was The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I read it as a teenager thinking it was a romance a la Jane Austen. I was wrong. LOL. The Awakening is about a young woman’s modern view of motherhood and femininity during the turn of the previous century when women were still fighting for the right to vote. It struck me as a sad but poignant novel about self-discovery that resonates well over a hundred years later. I love books that make you think!  

How do you select the names of your characters?

It’s not easy! And to be perfectly honest, my methods are willy-nilly. In A Kind of Honesty, Tim’s name was already picked out because he had a role in book 1 of the series, A Kind of Truth. For Carter, I chose a name I thought sounded sophisticated but not off-putting. The clincher for him was having a hyphenated last name, Hamilton-Temple. Erudite but polished… just like Carter. ☺

Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

Yes and no. Every one of my books has a piece from my life interwoven. I don’t use exact events but I try to channel emotions from personal experience. My husband would probably catch most of the “hidden” references. I’ll share a funny one from my first novel, Better Than Good, that actually wasn’t planned at all! Two minor characters from BTG are Sam and Steph. Sam was Matt’s friend whom he played guitar with occasionally and Steph was Kristen’s roommate. In real life, my dearest friend from college is Steph and her husband is Sam. They were one of the first people I told about my career shift from designer to MM romance writer! Fun fact!

What was your hardest scene to write?

That’s a tough question. The first two to come to mind are the scene between Alex and Nate on the beach at the end of The Right Time and the scene between Zeke and his dad, George in the bagel shop at the end of A Kind of Romance. Both scenes required me to write from an emotional headspace that left me feeling a little vulnerable afterward. There is also a scene between Tim and his mother in A Kind of Honesty that got me for obvious reasons (my eldest son is gay). When you read the book, you’ll understand. ☺


Note: Thank you to Lane Hayes for granting the interview and to Lori Blantin for facilitating.

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