Review: All Your Tomorrows by J. Nathan

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Literally Yours PR.

Having read all her books, I already knew how gifted of a new adult romance author J. Nathan was, with her stories focusing on college, sports, and rock stars. Now, she's dipping her toe in the paranormal, and I'm happy to say that the streak keeps on going because All Your Tomorrows is a gem of a read. This standalone introduces readers to Nora (whose last name I don't recall being mentioned in the book, but if it was, please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what it is!), a college senior with a special gift--she's able to talk to the dead. When a young man named Kyler Fletcher enters the café where Nora works, she doesn't immediately realize that he's a spirit--but maybe that's because he isn't like the other spirits she usually encounters. He desperately needs her help. He doesn't remember much of anything from the accident that led him to where he is now, and he can't help but feel like he's in limbo. The more she gets to know him, the more Nora falls for Kyler. But there's no happy ending to be had when you're falling for someone who is not part of the same world you're in. This can only lead to heartache for both of them.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching shows that feature mediums, and there's always these equal parts hopefulness and wariness while viewing. I guess you could call me an optimistic skeptic because, of course, I want what the medium is saying to be actual communication with the loved ones of the clients they're taking on. In the case of Nora and Kyler, I know that it's fiction, but still there's an attachment that forms to these two and the seemingly hopeless nature of their romance. But here's the thing: there's a twist to the whole thing, one that had me eager to find out how everything would turn out, that inkling that maybe things could work out. The question is: How? The resolution to their dilemma was definitely creative, albeit the aftermath does require you to suspend disbelief, even more so than believing in mediums and their ability to talk to those on the other side. Overall, All Your Tomorrows was an endearing read. 4.5 stars.

Release Date: 31 May 2023

Date Read: 27 May 2023

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