Review: While You See a Chance by Alexa Milne

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True love knows no age, as proven in author Alexa Milne's latest standalone, While You See a Chance, which tell the estranged friends who find each other again more than thirty years after they last saw one another and both rediscover and confess to long-buried feelings. Bestselling author Sion Goff has returned to his home country of Wales after having lived in the United States for a little over half his life. Nearly sixty and two years after the passing of his long-term partner, Sion is looking forward to the tranquility and simplicity life in the Welsh countryside has to offer. On his first night back, however, he's shocked to cross paths with Philip Price, his closest friend before time and distance allowed them to drift apart. Now closer in proximity than ever, maybe this could be Sion's chance to finally confess that there's only been one man he's truly ever loved with his whole heart--Phil.

Divorced from the third member of their friendly threesome, Phil is unsure as to how to handle being around Sion again. The not-so-platonic feelings he once had are back in the forefront, but being a primary school head teacher, father to two adult children, and grandfather to two little ones has him holding back. Isn't sixty a bit too old for him to come out of the closet, especially since he never really realized he was in any sort of closet to begin with? Sion stirs within him emotions that have him understanding for the first time what's been missing in his life all along. But how does he handle telling his children about his newly discovered sexuality and will his ex-wife--who once held very strong feelings for Sion--cause trouble for them once she gets wind of what's now happening between Phil and Sion? Are these two men ready to jump head--and heart--first into an all new and unknown relationship?

Aww! How could I not like a story about two much older men who were best friends as children and teenagers only to go their separate ways and then find their way to each other when they're sixty? I loved how Sion and Phil navigated through new territory but with old feelings that they chose to ignore all those years ago. Sion may have come out of the closet decades before Phil did, but he never lorded that fact or that he knew much more than Phil did when it came to being in a relationship with another man. It took a while for Phil to wrap his head around what it was that he was feeling for Sion now--and that it was an all-too familiar feeling--and whether he was willing to do something about it or not. He did, after all, have children and grandchildren to consider plus there was Helen, who was also Sion's--and Phil's too--close friend growing up, so he felt that he had more too lose should he be rejected.

Aside from the love story between Sion and Phil, there's a bit of a mystery in connection with Sion's family history, which I found rather intriguing. Discovering an old secret that would impact his family and how it played into his own burgeoning relationship with Phil was a nice touch as was the way the author began and ended this book. This was my first ever Alexa Milne read, and I was impressed with her writing and how everything played out and wove together. My one and only issue had to do with the part where Sion recognizing that Phil was the only man he's ever loved, which I felt was a bit disrespectful to all those years he spent with Eric, his late partner, who he was clearly devoted to. I don't think it would have be terrible had Sion loved both Eric and Phil, especially since Phil was married to Helen for such a long time as well. Other than that, I loved While You See a Chance and give it five stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 May 2017

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