Review: The Tempest by Brit Constantine

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

The Tempest is the debut release of Brit Constantine, originally published under the title Captain Dark in January 2017. This romantic comedy is set in Britain and this certainly ticked a lot of my boxes for both the romance and comedy--I do love British humor--aspects. It's about twenty-four-year-old vlogger Felicity Saint James and twenty-nine-year-old former Royal Marine Commando turned heavyweight boxing champion Lenic Reevus whose paths cross at a meet-and-greet that has sparks flying--and I'm not talking about the kind you swoon about. That meeting, though, sparks the beginning of a hate-love affair that has lots of snark, sexual innuendo, and British sass.

Felicity Saint James has a crush on Lenic Reevus, so when the opportunity to meet the man comes along, she dives straight in...and propositions him. The boxing champion nicknamed The Tempest, however, is having none of it, and shoots the gal her best friends call Flick down in public. But Felicity gets the last laugh and makes a private video of his viral. From there, the two engage in a back and forth that hints at the powerful attraction that's one sexual innuendo away from boiling over. There's a darkness to Lenic, though, that could very well take them down even before they have a true chance to see where their feelings can take them...unless Felicity knocks the dark out.

Confession time: I wasn't much of a fan of Felicity's for a good portion of this book. I found her annoying, but she did grow on me, almost as if I had gotten used to her and finally realized that she wasn't going anywhere for the next few hundred pages so I may as well try to look for something good about her. I did like that she wasn't a pushover when Lenic was being grumpy and downright rude. She was a young woman who held her own, though the whole playing around when it came to what was happening between the two of them still grated. When they were together as a couple, you could see that she was wholly devoted to Lenic and hoped he'd find light in his life.

Lenic was...Lenic. I really, really, REALLY liked the man. Maybe it was because I saw a part of myself in him (which could also be why I found Felicity as annoying as I did). The revelation of the secret that he's been keeping is told at, what I felt, the right time, so it didn't feel as if I had been waiting forever or that it was divulged too soon. There's definite chemistry between the main characters and they're the ones who truly made this book as enjoyable as it was. I must say, however, that the supporting cast of characters were rather memorable, serving as both comic relief and the voices of reason whenever necessary. Overall, The Tempest proved to be a 4.5-star debut. ♥

Release Date: 26 May 2017

Date Read: 17 May 2017

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