Review: A Taste of Honey by Ari McKay

Note: This ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.

A Taste of Honey is a novella written by author Ari McKay and it's a sweet (pun not intended!) friends-to-lovers romance between best friends Boone Phillips and Rob Coombs, whose friendship goes through shifts and changes when Boone asks Rob to be his fake girlfriend for a family reunion. Well, not so much Rob as Rob's drag queen alter ego, Honey, who Boone plans on passing off not just his girlfriend but as Rob's sister as well. But in order to convince his family that they really are a couple, Boone decides to take Rob out on a trial date. From there on out, however, things between the two best friends feel different, almost as if there's an underlying awareness of one another. Rob's had a crush on Boone for years, and he knows that this whole thing with Honey is nothing more than a ruse, but it begins to feel all too real, and if Rob isn't careful, he knows he could end up with a broken heart.

I adored Boone and Rob's story, though admittedly, there were moments that I so wanted to smack Boone upside the head for his absolute slow pick up. The story got even better once these two guys were back in Rob's childhood home, surrounded by family. Boone's mother was a hoot and she proved to be a wise woman whose son had clearly underestimated just how observant she was. I liked the interaction between Rob and Boone, especially with Boone trying to reconcile Rob being Honey and vice-versa. While they may seem like two separate parts of the same person, Honey was as much a part of Rob as Rob was a part of Honey. Like I said, this was a sweet read, and there were times that it did feel a tiny bit sappy, but hey, I read this on a day where I needed some sap because you can only read so much of the dark stuff. A Taste of Honey was exactly what I needed and so this gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Re-Release Date: 17 May 2017

Date Read: 16 May 2017

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