Review: Sex Machine by Marie Force (Marfa, Texas #1)

Well, colored me surprised and pleasantly so! My exposure to Marie Force has been way of her romantic suspense series, Fatal, so I confess that I was a tad clueless about her romantic comedy endeavors in the form of two books set in the West Texas town of Marfa, with the second one being the author's newest release. They're both standalones but are tied together, not just by the setting but also by the cast of recurring characters who happen to be a group of friends who have been a close-knit bunch since they were kids running around the playground. Now nearly thirty, these best friends find love and happily-ever-after, with book one pairing off close friends construction company owner Blake Dempsey, aka the Sex Machine, and photographer Evelyn "Honey" Carmichael.

When Honey Carmichael goes up to Blake Dempsey and asks him to fuck her, it's with the sole purpose of hopefully--finally--achieving that elusive O she's heard about but never experienced with any man. So, why not ask for the help of the guy looked upon by many as a machine--both inside and outside of the bedroom. Blake makes no secret of the fact that he only has sex with a woman once, just like Honey doesn't hide her having dated countless men, hoping to find the one who fits her. Honey knows better than to pin her hopes for happily-ever-after on a man who's still weighed down by the guilt he has over the death of his girlfriend twelve years ago. But Honey can't help how she feels for him. And Blake? Well, maybe that heart of his isn't as dead as he once thought.

Gah! I loved Blake and Honey together! These two were hot. Talk about sexually compatible, people! But they were also very sweet and it was clear that their foundation of friendship was a remarkably strong one. There's quite a bit more character development for Blake than Honey, but then if you knew his back story, you'd get why that is so. He's far from perfect, but I liked that he tried because Honey was worth it. The pacing of the story was good, though there was one point in the book where it felt just a bit rushed. Blake and Honey had this amazing chemistry and there was no way I could put my e-reader down as I breezed through this wonderful rom-com read. In a town bursting with stories to tell, here's hoping to even more from Marfa, Texas! Five stars go to Sex Machine. ♥

Date Read: 16 May 2017

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