Review: Setting the Hook by Andrew Grey

Note: This ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.

Andrew Grey's latest standalone, Setting the Hook, is only my second read from the author but it's my favorite one between the two I've read so far. This story about two men whose paths intersect for a set number of times and days during the year and maintain a relationship bordering between the professional and the platonic had me hook, line, and sinker--pun intended. William Westmoreland may seem like he leads a privileged life in Providence, Rhode Island but he does his job at their family-owned company, no matter how unfulfilling it may be. His only respite are the trips he makes to Apalachicola, Florida, chartering a fishing boat to simply enjoy the peace and quiet. But it isn't just any fishing boat that William charters. For four years, it's Mike Jansen's boat that William prefers to spend his limited vacation time on, but it isn't simply because of the boat and the experience. William's harbored a crush on Mike from the beginning but has no idea that the attraction is mutual. It takes Mother Nature's intervention to get the acting on it, but what happens to them when the rain subsides and wind abates?

I wouldn't really consider William and Mike close friends; maybe more of close acquaintances although it's clear that they have shared stories and personal, though not intimate, information about one another over the years. There's a fair amount of chemistry in the beginning and I enjoyed seeing it develop during the period of time they were stuck together in somewhat close quarters. I thought that the story would come to a close once the story was over, but nope, Andrew Grey managed to surprise me by taking the story in a different direction, one that would somehow test the two men and see if what they had was something worth exploring and could be worthy of commitment and permanence. I adored Mike's daughter Carrie, who was precocious and was far more open-minded than some of the adults in this book. The story had a good flow and it was thankfully less angsty than I would have expected. Both William and Mike were likable main characters, although I confess that I liked William a tad more than I did Mike. With a guaranteed happy ending, Setting the Hook made for one 4.5-starred beach read. ♥

Release Date: 12 May 2017

Date Read: 12 May 2017

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