Review: Screw You by Kasey Millstead

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

People will often tell you one of three things when it comes to handling bullying--ignore the bully, report the bully, or fight back. In the case of high school senior and outcast Emma Black, she gets her revenge on three particular tormentors in a way that was never pre-planned nor does it happen immediately, thus living up to the whole "Revenge is a dish served cold" saying. She's a prime target for bullies, and the trap they set for her is one she never sees coming. Maybe it's her naivete, maybe it's wishful thinking, but who was she to question her crush, popular senior and football player Dane McMasters, emailing her and asking her to meet up? The humiliation that follows may seem insurmountable, but fate is about to step in and take Emma's life in a wholly surprising direction.

I liked the premise of Screw You and the blurb called to me since I'm always up for a story that has the underdog overcoming odds. This was also my first Kasey Millstead read and I've seen good reviews for her past work, so I was looking forward to reading this short story. You know how there are readers who skim or skip? That's what happened with this book, but the skimming and skipping wasn't on my end. It was as if Emma's senior year was on fast forward, so we don't really get a whole lot of in-depth stuff--just skimming on what's happening to her and with Dane. Then there's the skipping over details, jumping from one event to another in Emma's life, so it's difficult to be fully invested in her. Again, I admire the idea behind the book; I just wished for more substance. Three stars. ♥

Release Date: 20 May 2017

Date Read: 20 May 2017

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