Review: Road to the Sun by Keira Andrews

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Was Dad gay like Mrs. Wexler? Why hadn’t he said anything? And why did he and Ben look so sad? She loved Ben, and if he and Dad liked each other, why weren’t they happy about it?

Oh, Keira Andrews! Just take my heart, why don't you?! I adored this May-December love story between twenty-five-year-old single father, factory worker, and talented artist Jason Kellerman and forty-one-year-old park ranger Ben Hettler. Their paths intersect while Jason and his eight-year-old daughter Maggie are camping in Montana--Maggie's dream vacation--and Ben is the guide during one nature tour. While Maggie peppers Ben with questions about the park, Jason observes Ben quietly, noting how drawn he is to the older man. But Jason doesn't deem himself worth of having someone significant in his life. His only priority is his daughter and if it means setting aside whatever attraction he feels towards Ben, then so be it. Ben, on the other hand, has experienced betrayal and hasn't found anyone new...until he meets Jason and the precocious and inquisitive Maggie. He's fascinated by the single father and he's almost positive the man is gay as well. But whatever pursuits or fantasies they may be having about each other needs to be put on hold when one man decides to put all their lives, especially Maggie's, at risk.

I loved, loved, LOVED that this was a story about self-discovery as well as taking a chance at loving someone once again and had some suspense thrown in to the mix! Keira Andrews has yet to disappoint me after having read three of her more recent titles in the past few months. With this new standalone of hers, she's raised the bar with a tale that had angst, a bit of humor, and a whole lot of hesitation between both men. Both Jason and Ben know what it's like to have the most important people in their lives turn their backs on them--Jason with his parents and Ben with his ex--but Jason is far more guarded and wary with his feelings, while Ben is more than ready to take a shot at finding love and happiness again. I empathized with these two men, but I confess that it was little Maggie who stole my heart with her personality, openness, and acceptance. Each book would be so lucky to have someone like her as a peripheral yet scene-stealing character. I wasn't a fan of Ben's ex, and can I just say that Ben was too nice to him? I wanted to slap his ex on his behalf. Road to the Sun was a story with heart and hope. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 23 May 2017

Date Read: 22 May 2017

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