Review: Real Dirty by Meghan March (Real Dirty #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Real Dirty is, indeed, real dirty in all the best ways possible as only Meghan March can deliciously dish it out. If you've read the author's other "dirty" and "real" series--Dirty Billionaire, Dirty Girl, and Real--then country superstar Boone Thrasher should be a more than familiar supporting character. With the surprising turn of events in Real Good Love for Boone--who had a marriage proposal that was guaranteed to get him a "yes"...that is, had his girlfriend actually bothered to show up...which she didn't--it was inevitable that Boone would get his own turn in the spotlight, and goodness, the man certainly embraces his time there in this first in the duet by the same title. It's a spotlight he shares with Fishbowl bartender Ripley Fischer, a woman who clings to the one place that holds memories of her mother, but it's the same place that holds her worst memory and holds her back from truly living.

When his girlfriend is a no-show at his concert, rendering his planned proposal a no-go, Boone wants nothing more than to get away from all the gossip and speculation around what happened. He's clearly not in a good mood, but Ripley is having none of his brashness, not in her bar--well, her father's bar--and I loved that first meeting between the two, as it made clear that they both had strong, no-nonsense personalities that almost guaranteed one set of sparks would be flying. The other set of sparks--the kind romance readers look forward to--were most certainly there as well, and Boone and Ripley were a surefire combination of fun, flirty, filthy, and frolicsome. Ripley wasn't some quivering mess of naivete and shyness; she gave us good as she got and Boone never treated her like she was fragile though he made sure to take care of her, which I applaud because it did appear like he saw her as his equal.

There's a bit more of Ripley's back story than Boone's, but I guess that has more to do with the fact that Ripley's was far less something you'd like to share with other people compared to Boone's. While Ripley's "drama" is more family-centric, Boone's has to do with his personal life, no thanks to his wayward girlfriend, and yet, when these two are together, there's this feeling of rightness that can't be denied. And have I mentioned how hot these two are whenever they're getting frisky? Heck, even when they aren't frisky the connection and chemistry is undeniable. Then there's the whole story line concerning Boone's girlfriend and Ripley's overbearing father and cousin. And that cliffhanger ending? Gah! But it's just a two-week wait before we find out what awaits the country crooner and songwriter and his feisty bartender. Meghan March gives readers a five-starred winner with Real Dirty. ♥

Release Date: 09 May 2017

Date Read: 08 May 2017

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