Review: Maelstrom by Kass Barrow

Note: This ARC was provided by the publisher via Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Maelstrom is the debut release of Kass Barrow and it's an M/M contemporary romance with the main characters who are opposites and have a ten-year age difference between them. Thirty-two-year-old British multimillionaire Kylor Knightley and twenty-two-year-old American performer Eden McFadden meet at the Limehouse Tavern during open mic night, where Kylor is on the lookout for talent that he can bring into the club he co-owns and its Eden's singing matched with his more than appealing looks that has Kylor standing up and taking notice. There's an attraction that exists between the two of them, but with Kylor insistent about not crossing any lines between professional and personal along with the age gap, Eden has no other choice but to tempt and show the Brit with the stiff upper lip that this New Yorker is one temptation he won't be able to resist for long. May the battle begin...

For a first effort, I applaud Kass Barrow for writing that's pretty much on-point for most of the book. Her main characters were indeed opposites, and they were stereotypical characterization-wise. Eden is the upstart, a mouthy twenty-something from the U.S., who's maturity level needs a bit of firming up. Kylor is the stodgy, stick-by-the-rules Londoner who has a bad habit of looking down his nose on anything and anyone that he believes doesn't meet his standards. If we're basing this solely on lust, these two certainly have it to some degree. When it comes to actual love and romance, though, I wasn't totally convinced that they would make it beyond the happy-for-now ending. There is a fair amount of humor in the story, which was a surprise because the title made me think it would be more angsty. It did lack heat and tended to drag in places. Overall, Maelstrom was a three-starred read. ♥

Date Read: 13 May 2017

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