Review: Lily by M.A. Horst (A Force of Nature Fairytale #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Lily is the second novella in the Force of Nature Fairytale series from M.A. Horst, the pen name of Michelle Horst. The series is about the pre-arranged coming together of the Royals and Flowers, the former a powerful and wealthy family, the latter reliant on the Royals to financially aid them. Book two is about Lily Flower and Hail Royal, Lily being the cousin to Poppy Flower and Hail the younger brother of Storm Royal from book one. Lily's fate to Hail is sealed when her father informs her that Hail has chosen her to be his bride. She is unhappy by this turn of events, but it becomes far more nightmarish when her mother declares that she would rather have Lily married off to someone who is also rich. Her dream has always been to marry the man she loves and one whom loves her in return. What she doesn't know is that Hail already fell for her from the moment he first saw her face in the photo.

I liked this second novella more than I did the first one. Yes, the whole insta-love thing is still there, and while those words of love exchanged in a matter of a few hours after meeting face to face has me raising an eyebrow in disbelief, I did like the tenderness that Hail showed Lily and how Lily found her backbone later in the story. While Poppy had a mother who loved her in the first book, Lily's parents are terrible, but more so her mother than her father by just a smidgen. The sex is hot and thankfully not as gratuitous as those found in a lot of insta-love books out there. Lily and Hail were actually that right mix of sweet and steamy and are so far my favorite couple in this ongoing series. There's a hint of a side story involving Lily's sister Rose and Hail's brother Lake, whose story is the next in the Force of Nature Fairytale series. Lily left me more satisfied than its predecessor, so I'm giving it 3.5 stars. ♥

Release Date: 15 May 2017

Date Read: 15 May 2017

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