Review: Free Baller by Rie Warren (Bad Boy Ballers #2)

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Rie Warren's Bad Boy Ballers series, featuring the fictional NFL team called the Carolina Crush, is fast becoming one of my favorites when it comes to sports romance. It's hot and it's got heart, but the author never skims over the football stuff, which is something, sadly enough, I've come across more times than I'd care to remember, with other authors throwing in a term here or there and then making it all about the sex and romance. Even better is both main characters are football players, and that's a creative touch that I haven't seen in any of the football-themed romances I've come across ever. Free Baller took the ball Million Baller Baby passed its way and ran with it.

It's a new season and Carolina Crush is ready and raring to prove that last year has been shoved permanently in the past. They intend to go all the way to the Superbowl, and tight end Brooklyn Holt is focused on winning it all. He's got a reputation both on and off the field, but as committed as he is to the sport, he's happy with hook-ups and one-night stands, which has been the norm since his divorce. When he spots the quarterback for the all-female Carolina Cougars, though, he's stumbled upon the one thing--the only woman--that can distract him. Delaney Jones is nothing like the women he's been with. She's a challenge but it's one Brooks so wants to take on.

Some may see Delaney Jones as a sexy tomboy who can throw a ball with accuracy and lead her team, but she's every bit a woman who can't help but take notice of someone like Brooks Holt. But as tempting as the man nicknamed Baller may be, the last thing she needs in her life is to fall for another athlete, especially one with a reputation as a ladies man. The more time Laney spends with the man as comfortable in boots and a Stetson as he is in his football uniform, the more she sees what a truly good man Brooks is. Falling for him is inevitable, but Laney has a past, one that she's been running from. When it catches up to her, she may be left with nowhere to go.

The connection between Brooks and Laney was sizzling from the get-go, and the more these two were together, the clearer it got that they were exactly what the other needed. Laney didn't need some white knight to rescue her from her past, but when knowing that someone loves you and has your back? It can give you a completely different kind of feeling of peace and believing that you're protected. She was a kickass heroine, but there was a softer side to her as well. She knew how to handle a football but she also embraced her femininity and wasn't shy about letting Brooks know--as well as taking--what she wanted. Laney has become my new favorite sports-rom heroine.

Brooks was a dirty sort of cowboy gentleman and I loved every bit of him. His protective nature won points, and he was truly all in when it came to his quarterback. I also liked that he had such great relationships with most of his teammates and with his family, who I had hoped to have seen more of since that Skype conversation with them was rather entertaining. This may have been the second in a series, but it can easily be read as a standalone and can definitely stand on its own merits. It's just as good as its predecessor, but I loved how there was an air of familiarity because they were from the same series but were both different as well. I'm giving Free Baller five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 01 May 2017

Date Read: 01 May 2017

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