Review: By the Numbers and By the Numbers: Adding It Up by Chris Owen & Tory Temple (By the Numbers #1-#2)

Note: These ARCs were provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.

By the Numbers and By the Numbers: Adding It Up are the two books in the By the Numbers M/M romance series from the writing duo of Chris Owen and Tory Temple. Nathaniel Stoller, aka Deuce, is on his way home when he hears sirens--sirens which belong to fire trucks that are right in front of the apartment he lives in. While he's concerned about his belongings, it's his pregnant dog Q that he's most worried about. Firefighter Trey Donovan comes to the rescue and not only makes sure that Q is back in Deuce's arms but also makes one heck of an impression as well. There's a definite connection between them, but with a difficult ex-wife and a young daughter to deal with, Trey isn't sure if now's a good time for them to become involved. If and when they decide to give dating and maybe even being a couple a shot, how will both men handle a daughter, an ex-wife, a dog, and pups?

The first book has chronicles Deuce and Trey meeting and trying to make a go of a relationship while the second book is the part that showcases what happens after the proverbial "and they lived happily ever after" ending, which is actually kinda-sorta like a beginning of a new chapter. Deuce and Trey's story is cute in some parts while rather angsty in others, especially on Trey's end. He clearly has issues with his ex-wife and it's affected the way he handles what's happening between him and Deuce. Seven-year-old Lacey, Q, and the pups were my favorite thing about both books, what with them providing the more lighthearted and heartwarming moments in the story. There's a clear lack of communication that goes on with Trey and his ex-wife, but then Trey has a bad habit of not really communicating well even with Deuce. All in all, By the Numbers and Adding It Up were okay, 3.5-star reads. ♥

Date Read: 03 May 2017

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