Review: Bones by Garrett Leigh (Blue Boy #2)

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Bones is the second book in the Blue Boy series from award-winning author Garrett Leigh and it's a re-release, having been originally published in May 2014. Cameron Shaw has a regular job at the Beat Shak, but it's at his other job that he's most well-known. Cam is a model with Blue Boy Studios, one of it's most popular and longest contracted guys. He gets along quite well with his on-screen partners, but while he's known as being exclusively a top, his lover--who just happens to be his boss and the head of the studio--has him bottoming and submitting in ways no one could have probably imagined. Physically, Cam is sexually satisfied, but he knows there's something missing. That deeper connection simply isn't there. And then he gets to know bike shop owner Sasha Tate better, and that connection? It's there. But with growing discontentment with regards to the scenes he's scheduled to do, a surprising possessiveness coming from his boss, relationship issues between his best friends, and a shocking medical diagnosis, Cam is at a loss. He isn't sure what direction his life will take or if Sasha will want to be part of it.

I loved Levi Ramone and Sonny Valentine's story in the series starter, Bullet, but I admit that Cam's story--and it truly was Cam's, one that he later shares alongside Sasha--tugged on my heartstrings a tad more. Here was this guy who was one of the most in-demand gay porn models and yet the insecurity and uncertainty he was facing both in his personal and professional lives had me empathizing with him. It also brought up a unique and interesting health dilemma that Cam had no choice but to confront because of how it would impact not only his everyday life but his career as a porn actor as well. And hey, we can scoff all we want, but acting in a porn film or scene is actual work. Aside from Cam's story, Levi and Sonny's is also going on in the background, and that's still pretty much in the air, no thanks to Sonny's addiction to Ritalin, and I'm curious to see how that will wrap up as well as the changes that Cam, Sonny, and the rest of the guys at Blue Boy Studio and Silver have ahead of them. There are currently two more books in the series, and I can't wait to read them! Garrett Leigh has a five-star read with Bones. ♥


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Date Read: 05 May 2017

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