Review: Blue by B.G. Thomas

Note: This ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.

Although I read somewhere that the eponymous main character of B.G. Thomas's Blue appeared in another of the author's previous work, this new release can be read as a standalone since this is my first foray into the author's writing and I was able to enjoy the story without having read whichever other book Blue first appeared in. Blue is twenty-three-year-old Blue McCoy, a young man who looks and sometimes act much younger than he actually is. When forty-five-year-old John Williams nearly runs him over--by accident, of course--John is immediately taken by Blue's very innocent and easygoing personality. Separated from his wife and with an estranged relationship with his son, John is soon smitten by Blue and takes him into his home and into his life. But behind Blue's quick smile and naivete is a dark past, and combined with John's own insecurities and doubts, could doom their relationship.

You know how there are stories that require you to set aside any skepticism or disbelief you may harbor as the tale unravels? Well, Blue is one of those stories. I'm not saying that a May-December love story like Blue and John's isn't possible or that two people can't fall into a relationship as quickly as these two did. I've seen those things happen firsthand, but in the case of Blue, there's such a level of naivete--one that belies the trauma he's sustained due to a horrific even in his recent past--that had me scratching my head wondering if he was for real. Then there was John who I couldn't help but question when it came to his motivation regarding Blue. Was it because his soon-to-be ex-wife called him boring? But if I turn off that cynical part of me, I admit that Blue had a whimsical feel to it at times, which helped make it one of the more unique reads that I've come across lately. I'm giving this 3.5 stars. ♥

Release Date: 15 May 2017

Date Read: 13 May 2017

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