Review: We Said Forever by Marie James

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Damn but this book took me by surprise. Just when I thought the story would go in one direction, author Marie James would take the road of most resistance and dare I say that it made for a truly amazing read. We Said Forever is a story of love found then put on hold until the right time to truly fight for that love came along. This was an emotional read, but it's also a cautionary tale of addiction and how rock bottom can be seen as the beginning of a chance for redemption and reclaiming the happiness and love you once had. Through their ups and downs--both as a couple and as individuals--Blaze and Fallyn's love story was inspiring and gives you something to think about.

Blaze Porter loved and lived for football. It was the one thing that mattered to him when life at home was far from ideal, with him counting the days until he could get as far away as possible. But in his second semester as a senior and quarterback for the school's team, he meets college junior Fallyn McIntyre, the girl who changes his life forever. They fall for each other fast and hard, but they knew their futures were intertwined. But on the day that was supposed to be the beginning of forever for them, fate throws them a curve ball and this time around, it all falls apart. When Blaze hits rock bottom, does he choose to wallow there forever or will he climb back up to Fallyn?

I wouldn't necessarily call Blaze and Fallyn's romance insta-love, but their relationship does progress rather quickly. But then, this wasn't just about them falling in love. These two were bombarded with challenges, almost as if a new hurdle would be erected before them as soon as they managed to get over the one before it. So, think of this as more of a story about what happens after you fall in love and choose your addiction other than the person who means most to you. It would be so easy to say that Blaze should have chosen Fallyn from the very beginning, but there are very valid reasons why addicts consider the battle to overcome whichever addictions to be lifelong ones.

There are some moments in the story that were heartrending, especially as Fallyn and Blaze had to deal with the aftermath of Blaze's choice. They were imperfect main characters that I think anyone could empathize with because we've all made choices and decisions that, with the benefit hindsight, we wish we had never made. There were also a number of memorable supporting characters, making for a more interesting read since even the ones I didn't particularly like helped to push the story forward and added some spice to whatever was going on between Blaze and Fallyn. Two books in and I continue to be impressed with Marie James. Five stars go to We Said Forever. ♥

Release Date: 15 March 2017

Date Read: 15 March 2017

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