Review: Stolen Princess by Alexa Riley (Princess #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Ardent PRose in exchange for an honest review.

Stolen Princess is the second book in the royalty romance series from Alexa Riley entitled Princess. King Karim was briefly introduced in the first book, His Princess, as one of King Roman's friends. Here, he is set to find a queen of his own. At twenty-nine, those around him deem it high time that he have a wife and that royal heirs are quickly produced. Karim doesn't hold out much hope that he'll find someone, but then he glimpses a young woman who stands out among all the others there. She doesn't seem to be aware of just how strikingly beautiful she is. Princess Giselle is the one who makes him believe once again in the possibility of true love. But she's young and innocent and very much sheltered, and the ferocity of both her feelings for Karim and vice-versa have her running from him. Karim, however, has waited too long for his true love and he has no qualms in stealing his princess away.

I was a bit torn when it came to Karim and Giselle's story. I loved the series starter, so my expectations were high for the second book. Insta-love is something I've come to expect with quickie reads (heck, I'm actually surprised when it isn't a case of insta-love), but this was insta-lust morphing into insta-sex and then insta-love, and I just wasn't sure if it really seemed all that viable in my head. Or maybe I was just in an extraordinarily snarky mood while reading. *shrug* That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the book; I did. I liked Giselle and Karim clearly knew what--who--he wanted and was all in once he had his mind and heart made up. Other than the two of being part of royalty, their story was different from Roman and Alena's, and that's always a bonus because no one likes recycled story lines. All in all, Stolen Princess was a good, fast-paced novella and has a guaranteed HEA. Four stars. ♥


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Date Read: 01 March 2017

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