Review: The Moore the Merrier by Alex Miška (Moore Romance #2.5)

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The Moore the Merrier is the third release in the Moore Romance series and it picks up where the second book left off. With all three Moore brothers--Greg, Logan, and Julian--finding each of their "the one", Julian and his boyfriend, Xander Griffith are getting ready to make it all legal, just like everyone else in the family. But before everyone can truly live "happily ever after", challenges are in the offing and some learn the true meaning of family.

Can I just say that I don't really consider this book a novella. It's much longer than a typical novella, although I get that maybe that's what it was called because it was way shorter than the first two novels before it. At nearly two hundred pages, how can this be a novella? As you can see, this is bothering me more than probably everyone else.

Now, about the actual story. Fair warning: the books in the series should be read in order because the outcome of the first two novels is obviously revealed here. The author does offer up an extensive character guide in hopes of helping those who may feel lost, especially if they're going into this without any prior Moore Romance reading experience. But just read the books instead, or at the very least, read Love You, Moore to spare you any confusion.

My favorite thing about this third installment to the series had to be the fact that we got to see how things were from the perspective of the Moore's four-legged, furry family members. Yup, their pets, and me being the sucker I am for dogs and cats, well, I simply found this to be a great way to present the story. It was refreshing different. New characters are introduced here and the old ones--those who were not paired up with any Moore in the series, not that there are any left--seem to be moving forward with their own love lives, which makes me wonder if the series will continue or if there'll be a spin-off. Out of the three, The Moore the Merrier was my favorite. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 March 2017

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