Review: Missing Grace by S.L. Scott

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Missing Grace is the brand-new standalone from bestselling author S.L. Scott and it's the story of twenty-six-year-old Benjamin Edwards who has never stopped hoping to find his fiancée, Grace Stevens, who went missing three years prior, a month before they were set to marry. Best friends since they were ten, in love since they were fourteen, and engaged at twenty-three, Ben and Grace had the kind of relationship that was meant to end happily. But when Grace disappears without a word, Ben's world falls apart. Even when everyone begins to believe the worst has happened, he refuses to let go of the possibility--one that he he holds true in his heart--that the only woman he's ever loved is still alive. And then in one unexpected moment, he finds what he's been missing. But is this the woman he's been waiting for or could this be yet another twist of fate meant to break what's left of Ben?

This story could have gone in an array of directions, and S.L. Scott managed to catch and hold my interest from the get-go until the curious end, which I'll explain a bit later. I adored Ben! The man gave his heart to Grace at fourteen and he never got it back--not that he really wanted it back. Why can't more partners be as devoted as Ben? Totally unfair of the author to give us someone like Ben, knowing that this man is a rarity. Seriously though, Ben is now officially on my list of top book boyfriends ever. It's his love for and devotion to Grace that truly drives this story, and even as he tries to reconcile his thoughts and feelings over Jane Parker, he remains such an amazing guy. I can't really go into more details because it'll spoil the story and this is one you need to experience for yourself. I'd have given it five-plus stars had Jane not waffled as much as she did, but Missing Grace is still a fab five-star read. 

As a post-script, let me explain what I meant about the ending, and fingers crossed that it doesn't spoil anything for those who have yet to read the book! There's something that S.L. Scott added at the very end of the epilogue and had me more than curious about what the heck she meant. Was this the end? Would there be a sequel? Fingers crossed that it's a "yes" to the first and "no" to the second because I think this did end on the perfect note. ♥

Release Date: 19 March 2017

Date Read: 18 March 2017

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