Review: Love You, Moore by Alex Miška (Moore Romance #2)

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Love You, Moore is the second novel in the Moore Romance series penned by Alex Miška and moves from the closeted Moore brother, Logan, to the far more open one, Julian. Here he's paired with Xander Griffith, who happens to be one of Chance Blevins's closest friends. They have one chance meeting in a club and it quickly becomes hot and heavy...until, that is, Xander realizes exactly who Julian is. With an unfulfilled promise to call, Xander decides to keep things as platonic as possible with Julian. They squabble over the smallest things and can't help but poke each other in every way possible except, probably, the one way they would both prefer if they weren't so resistant to the idea of taking a chance on one another. To Xander, Julian is a brat; to Julian, Xander is an overbearing asshat. But when Xander finds out about Julian's depression, the white knight in him can't help but offer whatever help he can. Opening his home to Julian is one thing, but having his dog fall for him and switch loyalties, is something else altogether. But soon, Xander finds himself opening something else for Julian--his heart.

That connection they shared at the beginning of the story was something both Xander and Julian buried, but these two went at each other when ever the opportunity struck, and there were a lot of opportunities, given the propensity of Moores to welcome the friends of their children and friends of friends of their children to become part of their family. I did like Xander and Julian together even before they were an official couple, but as was the case with Logan Moore and Chance Blevins's story, this had fillers that made it a far longer read than I felt it should have been. I get the need for them to work their way into the whole falling in love and being with each other part of the story, but when the journey getting there feels more like scenery than anything truly substantial, then the temptation to let your mind wander is ever present. But if we focus on the part of the story that had all that meat--no pun intended, people!--then yes, this second in a series was a much more entertaining book, one that ultimately did satisfy to some degree. The dogs in this series, however, are adorbs. 3.5 stars go to Love You, Moore. ♥

Date Read: 02 March 2017

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