Review: The Last Call by RB Hilliard (MMG #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

This series finale made me think of the song title "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here" because The Last Call does, indeed, bring the couple of the MMG series together for one last hurrah before signing off. Max and Ellie McLellan both remember how traumatizing the birth of their first child was, to the point of Max making it clear that he wasn't looking to add to their family any time soon. But what happens when Ellie finds out that she's pregnant once again? Then there are their best friends, Gage and Piper Blackwell, both of whom knew early on that they wanted to have children. With Gage busy with MMG and Piper still dealing with the aftereffects of her abduction, will their priorities change? And let's not forget Dillon and Isabella Whitaker, who are about to welcome a new child into their family. Dillon wants to make up for not being there the first time around, but will he be able to be the pillar of support Isabella needs when things start to become overwhelming? When it comes to being prepared for the arrival of their little one, Kurt and Joss Greenfield are ready...but will they be just as ready for everything parenthood entails? And of course, there's Sarah McLellan and Cas Ashford, who are about to tie the knot, but with Sarah's too involved brother and Cas's family that they can't bear, will they still make it to their wedding day?

There are series finales that focus on one particular couple in the entire series, but with The Last Call, RB Hillard gives fans and readers exactly what they've come to expect from this series of books that have become a favorite to many. All the couple got their respective happy endings with each of their books, but this series ender ties everything up and leaves us blissfully sated and and just a bit wistful that the time has come to bid them all farewell. What I loved best was that the book wasn't sectioned off into one per couple. Instead, Hillard gave a continuing story line for each while still intertwining the characters to one another all throughout. She's also made sure to give us her usual brand of sweet romance, steamy intimacy, and thrilling suspense that we know she's more than capable of, and it makes for such a fantastic read. I mentioned the MMG couples but there's also one other couple to add to the mix as well as a couple of twists to add to the story, one of which gave my heart a pinch because it was so touching and both of which have me wondering if we've got yet another series spin-off to look forward to. I know we've still got the rest of the Meltdown series--and I'm rather excited for that to continue--and for whatever else RB Hillard has in store for us, I cannot wait to read it. I'm giving The Last Call five out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 17 March 2017

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