Review: In Deep by Callie Harper (All In #1)

In Deep is the first novel in Callie Harper's All In series and it's my first read from the author as well! This was a sports romance between an Olympian focused on swimming his way to a gold medal and a blogger slash physical therapist dedicated to getting the scoop. Chase may be a public figure, what with being not just an athlete but an athlete at the top of his game headed to the Olympics, but that doesn't mean he wants his life to be fodder for the public to gorge themselves on. So, what happens when he starts to fall for the one person who could put everything he's worked for at risk should she ever decide to put his secrets on display? Emma had an end goal when she was taken on as a physical therapist for the Olympic team, but the more she gets to know Chase, the more she realizes she'll have to decide what it is she wants more: that elusive scoop or the man she's falling for?

Swimming is the top sport that I love to engage in, so it follows that it's one of my favorite sports competitions to watch. There's been quite a few sports romances that have swimming as its sport of choice, so I'm always looking for that extra something that allows it to stand out among the rest of the pack. Callie Harper did a good job putting together a love story between two people that should keep their distance from one another but can't seem to help themselves. Chase is a great guy who's wary about letting anyone truly know every single thing about him, but if anyone can do it, it's clearly Emma who's got a shot. There was so much more to Chase and Emma than you would think, and that extra depth to them was what helped make this book special. In Deep was a fantastic start to what looks like a good series based on the reviews I've already seen for books one and two. I'm giving this one 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 March 2017

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