Review: Hot Stuff, Hot Number, Hot Item, and Hot Property by Carly Phillips (Hot Zone #1-#4)

Note: These ARCs were provided by the author via RockStar Lit PR in exchange for an honest review.

The Hot Zone series is a re-edited collection of four books from bestselling author Carly Phillips centered on three orphaned sisters--Annabelle, Sophie, and Michelle Jordan--who were put under the guardianship of their uncle as children and went on to work for his public relations company, the Hot Zone, with the fourth book being about the cousin of one of the male characters in the series and also a publicist with the firm. I actually have the original editions of the books on my e-reader but never got around to reading them, so I can't really point out what changes Phillips may have made with this latest edition other than yet another new set of covers for all four books.

Book one is Hot Stuff and it's the story of the eldest among the sisters, Annabelle, and football legend Brandon Vaughn. Annie and Brandon have a connection, and I think Brandon was such a great male main character while Annie was this independent career woman who loved her family. The story was a pretty good start to the series, though I do think that it felt slow-going for a good portion of the book. I'm awarding Hot Stuff 3.5 out of five stars. 

Hot Number is the second book in the series and turns its attention to Michelle, the youngest among the Jordan sisters, and baseball player Damian Fuller. She's always been a tomboy, he's always been a playboy, but one kiss has them wanting to make changes about who they are. This is probably my favorite story among all four, with Micki and Damian being fun and flirty and the story light but with a hint of seriousness. Four stars for Hot Number.

We've got the last of the Jordan sisters, Sophie, in Hot Item and her story's shared with quarterback Riley Nash. With her sisters busy living their own lives, a lot of responsibility at the PR firm falls on Sophie's shoulders and then she has the whole wanting to break her own rules thing about dating a client with Riley. Their romance was interesting, but it was the Spencer Atkins mystery that held more of my attention. I have to give Hot Item 3.5 stars. 

The final book in the series is Hot Property, which is about Amy Stone, niece to Spencer Atkins and cousin of Riley Nash from book three, and center fielder John Roper. They're both at different points in their respective careers--his feels like it's coming to an end and hers is just beginning. As much as I liked these two characters, this series ender just felt out of place and is my least favorite among the four books. Three stars go to Hot Property, and the average rating for the entire series is 3.5 stars. It makes for an okay read, but it wasn't a favorite from Carly Phillips. ♥

Date Read: 16-19 March 2017

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