Review: Claimed Princess by Alexa Riley (Princess #3)


Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Ardent PRose in exchange for an honest review.

Rolling over, I close my eyes and think of my princess. Soon she'll be my queen, and that I've ever wanted will finally be in my grasp.

The best friends to lovers trope with a royal touch to it? Yes, please, and damn, does Alexa Riley do it extraordinarily well. Princess Heavenly was a supporting character in her brother King Karim's story in book two, Stolen Princess, and King Carlos makes a cameo there as well. In their own story, Claimed Princess, Heavenly knows all too well that the time has come for Carlos to claim a bride to become his queen. They've always been the best and closest of friends, but things have changed over the past few months. Heavenly may have loved him since she's known him, but she also knows that Carlos only sees her as a friend and that he would never even consider her as a potential bride. What she doesn't know is that Carlos already has one young woman in mind and all he has to do is wait until she turns twenty-one in a few days...a plan that goes awry when Heavenly comes up with a plan of her own to remain close enough to her best friend even after he weds. It's time for Carlos to claim his princess!

I seriously squeed while reading this third novella in the Princess series. It started off as cute and had a lighthearted feel to it. Naturally, it wouldn't be an Alexa Riley read if it didn't have all that sexiness we've come to associate with their books, although, I must say that I more than appreciated that this was a slow burn romance compared to either of the first two stories that are in the series, and that's with both Carlos and Heavenly having been best friends who've been secretly in love with one another for years. It was fun having both Karim and Giselle here as well, especially with Karim being a protective and caring brother to Heavenly and seeing how much closer they are. I also liked Theo, Carlos's younger brother, and I certainly wouldn't mind if he ends up having his own story as part of the series since he's like a less serious version of his growly brother. I didn't think anything could bounce His Princess off as my favorite for this series, but Claimed Princess did. Five-plus stars for this series ender. ♥


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Date Read: 09 March 2017

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