Review: A Chance for Moore by Alex Miška (Moore Romance #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

A Chance for Moore is the first novel in Alex Miška's Moore Romance M/M contemporary romance series. Among the three Moore brothers, Greg is the eldest, straight and engaged to the love of his life; Julian is the youngest, openly gay and pursuing his studies; and then there's Logan, the former football playing college student who switched schools in order to open his own bakery. And he's gay too, except no one other than his best friend knows. He's also got a major crush on the best friend of his soon-to-be sister-in-law. Five years on, he decides to ask Chance Blevins for some help, but it isn't the kind of help that Chance ever thought he'd be able to offer Logan. Yes, the same Logan he's been pining for since they meet half a decade ago, but having a crush on a straight guy is hopeless. Oh wait, Logan isn't straight at all and now he's asking Chance to teach him how to be gay. Soon, Logan and Chance are falling for one another, but with Chance believing that theirs is nothing more than a temporary thing and with Logan still unsure of how to be open about his sexuality, will these two have their chance for more?

This is one of those times where the book would have been better had it gone through several rounds of editing. There's a lot of unnecessary stuff that's thrown into story, making it more muddled than it should have been. With the seemingly endless two steps forward, one step back going on with these two, it became like a waiting game on who was going to come to their senses first. Logan seemed to be ready to come out of the closet when the story opens five years ago, but five years on, and he's still deeply burrowed within. Then there's Chance, whose thought process I could barely get a hold of. He wants Logan but he doesn't think he deserves him. But why? What solid reason did have? Maybe it was insecurity. I honestly don't know. All the hemming and hawing made it difficult to keep track of the excuses these two men had for not taking the necessary next step to truly commit themselves to their relationship. Oh, and the whole five-year confusion regarding the CIA? Yeah, that was just...sad. A Chance for Moore held such promise in this first few chapters, but sadly, I was left wanting for, well, much more. Three stars. ♥

Date Read: 01 March 2017

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