Review: Behind His Lens by Beth Michele

I bought Behind His Lens based solely on my past reading experience with the author's first foray into M/M contemporary romance, Chasing the High, a standalone novel which immensely impressed this M/M fangirl. The verdict with the new M/M novella? Beth Michele repaid my faith in her with a story that was both swoony and satisfying. Oh, and did I mention it was equal parts sweet and sexy? Yep, Michele has leveled things up since my last read of hers and if you think you can't get a complete story with a happy ending--the happily-ever-after kind, not the happy-for-now stuff--well, this author proves that you can. Less than an hour = one pleasantly sated reader.

Colt Alexander had a crush on a childhood friend growing up. Now twenty-six, Colt is happy in his relationship with his girlfriend. When she suggests something that will push Colt into fulfilling a fantasy she has, he decides to do a bit of research and stumbles upon a video that leads him to the apartment of Jake Donovan. There's an immediate connection between the two of them. Jake wants to do things to Colt that no one has ever done to him before...not that he's never thought about it. But what could these feelings and reactions mean for Colt as a person and his relationship with his girlfriend? Could Colt actually wish for something and claim it without regrets?

There's a twist in the story that I didn't see coming. It's nothing major, but I thought it was an interesting add-on to the story. I loved Colt and the guy who knocks his world off its axis. You'll get why I don't say the guy's name when you read the book. I don't want to give it away but yeah, I think it's a fun little revelation. The anticipation is hot and the reward is way hotter. This has an ACTUAL story line and it's also got a couple of supporting characters that help to make the story better. I've got my fingers crossed that Beth Michele adds more M/M romances alongside her M/F ones because she's proven to be more than adept at both. I'm giving Behind His Lens five out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 11 March 2017

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