Audiobook Review: Red Dirt Heart 2 by N.R. Walker, narrated by Joel Leslie (Red Dirt #2)

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I watched him, wanting to touch him so much, so fucking much, but didn’t dare wake him. I wanted to feel his skin, I wanted to hold him against me, to smell his hair, to kiss the side of his head.  But I couldn’t. I’d put this distance between us, and I had no clue how to make it right. I was being irrational, and it was like a runaway train I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to feel like this, I certainly didn’t want to hurt him. I just didn’t know how to stop it.

In this sequel to the Red Dirt Heart, Charlie and Travis have been together as a couple for several months, and while they aren't hiding their relationship from anyone on the station, Charlie has not reached the point where he's as open as Travis when it comes to his sexuality, not when they're away from home. This leads to him feeling guilty about pushing his boyfriend back into the closet. There's also the nagging feeling that Charlie has regarding Travis being homesick, making Charlie's fear that Travis is going to up and leave, choosing to return to Texas than stay with Charlie. A lack of communication and simple miscommunication when the two men actually get to talking leads to misunderstandings. But what do they do when the choice for Travis to stay or go is taken away from them?

You know how many of us have favorite authors? Well, I do believe I've found myself a favorite narrator. Yup, after having listened to and loved the two currently available audiobooks in the Red Dirt series, I've become a fan Joel Leslie's. I was thoroughly impressed when I first listened to Red Dirt Heart last year, and with Red Dirt Heart 2 showcasing this man's consistency when it comes to performing with such aplomb even as he switches between the Australian accent of Charles Sutton and the more American tone of Travis Craig, complete with Texan accent. Add to that Leslie's ability to shift into a female voice (Charlie's mother) and a host of other supporting characters. His voice and talent are the perfect accompaniment to N.R. Walker's as always exemplary and enthralling writing.

When an author has done nothing but impress you each time you crack open one of her books, expectations grow exponentially. Maybe it isn't fair and maybe it isn't realistic, but that's what's happened so far with my N.R. Walker reading experiences. Unlike Red Dirt Heart, however, I didn't have the ebook version of Red Dirt Heart 2, so I relied solely on the audiobook, and I loved being able to concentrate on the actual storytelling. Listening to the change in pitch when emotions are heightened and the more quiet but still palpable subtleties make for a different experience but nonetheless still a fantastic one. I'm not entirely sure when Red Dirt Heart 3 will be coming out in audiobook but it's the first one on my all-new to-be-listened-to (TBLT) list. Red Dirt Heart 2 receives five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Listened to: February 11, 2017

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