Audiobook Review: One Careful Owner by Jane Harvey-Berrick, narrated by Seth Clayton

Note: This audiobook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

It's often believed that it's in small towns that the biggest gossips live, and the town of Girard, Pennsylvania certainly personifies that to the hilt. The townsfolk don't hesitate to come up with theories as to Alex Winters and his dog Stan, especially since the very silent man looks as if he couldn't care less about his appearance or what people thought about him. Alex keeps to himself, living in his cabin while trying to stay withing his property lines. Veterinarian and single mother Dawn Andrews is immediately curious. especially since Alex is like a living contradiction--a hulking physical presence who hesitates to interact with anyone other than Stan. But even as Alex slowly begins to open up to Dawn, there's a darkness to him that he knows may scare Dawn and her young daughter Katie away. Can Dawn risk her heart with one man who may very well break it beyond repair in the end?

I originally read Jane Harvey-Berrick's One Careful Owner near the end of December last year and me being the sucker that I am for well-written stories with dogs in them fell in love with Stan and his human, Alex Winters. Getting the opportunity to listen to the audiobook, which was released two months ago, was something I wouldn't pass up. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity as to how this cast of characters would sound like, and satisfied it was. Pairing Jane Harvey-Berrick's writing with the voice-over talent of Seth Clayton was a stroke of genius, what with Clayton's appealing ability to shift from one character to the other without sounding as if he's trying too hard to be distinctly different. I know there's one narrator doing all the voices and yet Clayton is able to get my imagination going enough that I wasn't sitting there thinking that they all sounded the same, something which is difficult to do.

I'm the kind of audiobook listener who often prefers having the actual book--whether digital or not--in front of me. What happens is that I read along with whoever the narrator is. However, Seth Clayton is among the rarefied few who was able to lull me with his voice, and I simply went on doing whatever I was doing while listening to him as he told me the story of Alex, Dawn, Katie, and Stan. Jane Harvey-Berrick undoubtedly made the right choice picking him as her novel's narrator, and this being my first Harvey-Berrick audiobook but an admirer of each book she's written that I've had the privilege of reading, I liked being able to listen to her tale. Her characters already brought it to life, and now Clayton has added a certain spark to it as well, making for a highly enjoyable listening session. This does go long--past ten hours--so prepare to dig in and enjoy. Five stars for the One Careful Owner audiobook. ♥

Date Listened to: 19 March 2017

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