Review: Tempt Me by J. Kenner (Stark International Novellas - Jamie & Ryan #2)

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Tempt Me is the second novella in the Stark International universe, with this particular collection featuring Jamie Archer, local news anchor and best friend to Nikki Stark, and Ryan Hunter, head of security for Stark International and best friend to Damien Stark. Jamie and Ryan have been together for some time now and have no qualms sharing and expressing their love for one another. The one thing that Jamie truly hesitates over is marriage, so whenever Ryan has hinted at it, her apprehensions have made it clear that she's wary about the idea. They love each other and she could never imagine being with anyone else; why complicate it all with a wedding and vows? She knows that she probably won't be able to hold Ryan off forever, but during a romantic surprise, Ryan decides to finally push for an answer. Even though Jamie let him know that she was open to it, shocking news has her thinking twice yet again. With Ryan becoming understandably frustrated, will Jamie be able to handle him walking away should he decide she was no longer worth the constant rejection? What'll it take for her to give him forever?

I readily admit that I wasn't all that thrilled with the first Jamie and Ryan novella, Tame Me, feeling like it was a missed opportunity for more depth into these two and their just beginning relationship. Now, though, J. Kenner has satisfied me with a story about pushing beyond one's comfort zone and choosing to see how life can be better rather than fear what could make it worse. Jamie's grown on me in this second novella, and I liked how there was a growth of sorts. She hems and haws, and while some may see how Ryan decides to handle what happened in Chicago, I think it was exactly what she needed and the man simply had to put his foot down. The inclusion of Ryan's mother and sister were nice touches because it reiterates the entire Hunter family's desire to truly make Jamie a part of their clan. Damien and Nikki Stark as well as Jackson and Sylvia Steele make cameo appearances her, helping to make this novella feel even more a part of the Stark slash Stark International universe. With lots of hot sex and sweet romance, I'm glad I gave in to the temptation that is Tempt Me. I'm giving this novella 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 18 February 2017

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