Review: The Story of Us by d. Nichole King

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via HEA Book Tours, PR & More in exchange for an honest review.

The Story of Us is the story of two people who find love while they weren't looking for it and teach us that the tale doesn't truly begin until after the perceived happily-ever-after. This was my first read from d. Nichole King and color me impressed, not only because she moved me with her story and characters, but also because of how she chose to present it to her readers. We get that intoxicating first blush of attraction and lust between Alieya Mae Silverstein and Maverick Samuel Tavare in Mexico and the anticipation and apprehension when they realize that what they share is maybe-sorta-absolutely love. We also see that not everything is bursts of various colors because there are moments that they must go through that will test them and bring in the dark shadows that will have them questioning if they want to continue on with their story or if it's time for them to write that closing chapter.

When Alieya Silverstein meets Maverick Tavare, it's not exactly under the most auspicious of circumstances but it's certainly a memorable moment, one that leads them to their first date and the beginning of a love affair unlike any other. But Ali is a young woman who's had her spirits crushed by someone she thought loved her as much she did him. It takes someone like Mav to bring back the color in her life, but as much as they love each other, there are challenges to their relationship. When they're pushed to the brink and everything between them is left hanging, Ali receives word that Mav has gotten into an accident, one that has left him with numerous injuries and him in a coma. Will Ali have enough within her to give Mav the strength to return to her and can she give him something to come back to? Or could these two who had the brightest of beginnings end it all in the bleakest of circumstances?

This was such a beautifully written story, one told in both flashbacks--highlights of what happened within the twenty-seven months since they met until the day before the accident--and Ali watching over Mav in the hospital. D. Nichole King has a way with words, and she wields her power well, creating this tale that is easy to picture in my head and her use of colors and hues to describe how Ali is feeling was a stroke of genius. Mav and Ali start their love story off strong, but by the time their a year into their marriage and more than two years into their relationship, they've gotten to the point when things are iffy. They have quarrels and disagreements and it's clear that not all is well. When the accident happens, though, they're forced to fight for instead of against each other. I truly enjoyed The Story of Us and hope Finley and Jake will get their story told sooner or later. This gets five stars. ♥

Date Read: 15 February 2017

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