Review: Slide by Sherilee Gray (Boosted Hearts #3)

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The Boosted Hearts series comes to a close with the release of Slide, the third book following Swerve and Spin, and author Sherilee Gray ends the story of the men of Colton Auto Repairs with a falling-for-your-siblings'-best-friend (and vice-versa) tale between mechanic Adam Grady and Hugh and Joe Colton's baby sister, Lucy. She's had feelings for him since she was twelve and as much as he wanted her, Adam has kept his distance, never forgetting the fact that Lucy wasn't just seven years younger than him but also his best friends' sister. When she suddenly shows up at the family-owned auto repair shop, Hugh and Joe are upset and disappointed by her announcement of leaving school. Adam, however, senses there's more to her story--something she isn't sharing with her brothers. But Adam can't afford to be around Lucy for too long, afraid of his true feelings for her coming to the surface, so the opportunity to help his cousin by boosting a car taken from him will help provide distance. Only Lucy refuses to be left behind. Will this road trip together be the beginning of something more or provide an ending to their story?

Yes! I finally got to read a falling-for-your-best-friends'-sibling story that didn't have the guy thinking of the girl as his little sister for years before realizing how grown up she was and suddenly lusting after her! I loved Adam and Lucy together. Reading about everything they were feeling and thinking when it came to each other made it more than obvious that this wasn't some mere craving for sex. Nope, this was more. However, Lucy's past relationship involving her very married professor--which was mentioned in the first two two novels--and Adam's family history have them putting up walls, and you know that they're going to have to be willing to not just scale said walls but break through them if they have any hope of having an actual relationship instead of a three-day-long hook-up on the road. There's the I'm-not-good-enough-for-you way of thinking going on, but in Adam's case, it's so deeply rooted that it isn't going to be just up to Lucy to make him see otherwise but from Adam to recognize his own worth. He's damaged but quite fixable, only there are things that he alone can fix while Lucy encourage him along.

It's Adam at war with what he wants and needs versus what he thinks he deserves that makes him such a fantastic main character to read about. When he's with Lucy, he's able to be far more vulnerable, but can he find the strength to not see that vulnerability as a weakness? And twenty-two-year-old Lucy? Gah! The girl is a kickass heroine. She's sassy but sensitive. She recognizes her brothers love her, but that love goes hand-in-hand with an stifling over-protectiveness that makes them think they have a constant say in her life. It's that family dynamic that also makes for an interesting read, as well as both Hugh and Joe being best friends with Adam. Then you've got Hugh's pregnant fiancĂ©e, Shay Freestone, and Joe's girlfriend, Darcey Connors, who make significant appearances, and I loved seeing how far those two couples have come. I liked Sherilee Gray's Axle Alley Vipers, but her Boosted Hearts stories and the three couples who star in them is on an entirely different level. It was consistently excellent, and for it to have ended on a high note with Slide, I can't wait to see what the author has up for us next. Five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 18 February 2017

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